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  • z10days2

9th month from Hubli

  • Today marks the completion of 9 months of my departure from Hubli,
    • the place that i grew up in,
    • studied till grad,
    • fell in love-with,
    • scrapped skin falling over multiple times

This is how, the one place that has built me from the ground up.

  • Studied till matriculation in the illustrious & notorious St Mary’s School.
    • All boys school,
    • freedom of expression,
    • Courage & Resilience was strengthened there every day.
    • Surviving the pit of fire
    • The brightest diamonds are the outcome of the highest pressure.
  • Equality, Poverty, Vanity, Smartness, Sloppiness everything was available in abundance.

It was choosing the best & valid option that would be understood by a teenage mind