• why3


  • why3

I keep asking this every single day,

With a new morning, the Poster above my head reminds me

Asks Me , Questions Me

Why Mars.

How does Someone Like Me ? / How do I , get to Mars .

Someone will eventually reach to Mars, Someone is working

  • with all their might

  • with all their conviction

  • with all their blood and tears

That Someone, can definitely be me, Probability informs that there is billion to odds .

It means, i can be on Shores of Mars. I could be also be the one who helps the goal become closer for all Mankind.

The silent prayers one says, when the doubts try to creep around. Sometimes seems to much to take.

One has to believe, every 4 years Mars close comes. Can I reach it the next time its around ?

10000 hrs or 100,000 hrs, whatever it takes.

This year, i shall get close, i/we will surpass and become the next Ones.

To the Stars.