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A Small Blip,

Its not You or I anymore,

Unless we fight it collectively,

Stop our insane habits of chaos everywhere,

The sword of Damocles, would drop, Surely

Do we fight it or become another number for history

That waste segregation we dint do,

That traffic rule we dint follow,

That money we paid to look away

Those worse things we said to others

That injustice we justified by inactivity,

We are heroes, each one

We’ve conquered & scorched the ground

We’ve crossed and messed up the oceans

We’ve reached and littered the sky

Do we still screw up, like all the men before us

Will we fix it ? Joining forces for good

The wind will howl with the anguish of broken forest

The light will blind with the desolation of disappeared animals

The water will drown with our plastics discarded

For what, will we still do it ?

Our over inflated ego’s, on inflated wallets

Our outrageous possessions, on outrageous land parcels

Our bloodied hands, throttling the blood of the downtrodden

How insignificant and irrelevant it all turns out to be, by an insignificant entity