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2020 - March - Changes in 2 years

  • Good :
    • Friction in travels has constantly been reducing at a faster clip, since the last time in Huballi, Karnataka

      • BRTS - Intercity travel in hubli service, has seen advantages of technology adopted in complete package solving multiple issues with Public Bus Travel.
        • QR Code - With one time use QR codes, each generated at the counter solving the issue of ticketless travel, with Scanners checking every entry
        • Automatic Doors - Boardwalk travel was a major issue resulting in fatalities due to open door Buses, Now automatic doors in both the bus and station keeps safety as major priority.

        • FasTag - Toll collection has become semi-automated, affix a sticker to windshield and add money to the digital wallet. With the vehicle approaching toll-barrier , it detects the tag and voila one can just pass ahead. Gone are the days of waiting for change and long queues to cross the booth. FasTag is a good example of Private-Public Partnership (PPP) model, with the customer facing model handled by the Startup Digital Companies handling user interaction, the toll booth being maintained by the Govt highway authorities.
          • It also helps to statistically determine the cost of projects, where the each project cost completion can now be recovered without corruption and manipulation of cooking the books. The old issues of forever toll collection can now be curtailed.
        • Public Eye App - An NGO is trying to control the ever ugly behaviour of public vehicle driving, with public taking pictures of traffic violations , these pictures are then validated by the traffic police department. The onset of smartphones, would help the shortage of traffic police enforcers, Why is it that even with so much education, we wantonly break all rules to the wind.
          • Car Horns and Incessant Honking needs to be banned immediately, sound pollution is a major cause of onset of Alzheimer, with our nerves getting weakened due to high decibel exposure for extended period of time. We know that there is a traffic issue ahead, why is that everyone needs to honk unnecessarily like a mexican wave as if its some kind of a competition.
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