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One reaps for what one sows, when your entire history becomes questionable with mistakes

One begs the question, is one even worthy of living/life.

One falls into precarious situations with grand visions and masterful plans, but then lacks the discipline to follow through.

Procrastination and day dreaming certainly corrupts the mind, diverting vital focus into needless tasks. While multi-tasking drains out energy by taking on too many things.

The desire to say ‘Yes’ to every flashy ideals would lead to burnout & no progress seems to done in the long run. Cancelling out any steps forward.

Moderations seemed like a radical thought in the times of high-flow energy when it seemed that everyone else was just wasting time, without setting high ideals. But now in hindsight seems to be somewhat right.

Fight or flight as a human tendency tends to start become always choosing flight since the losses of fights tends to empty out any reserve for another fight.

Opportunities and chances will eventually run out, if one takes liberty of what life offers on the plate. Its only the sharpest mind with focus that can move mountains.

When it seems that everything is over & there is no need to exist anymore, remember that trials and tribulations contribute to wisdom.

There are many uncertain conditions in life, with most taking it to logical conclusions, life seems to become unfair, with seemingly unfair and impossible paths to prevail.

But there is always light at the end of the tunnel, with discipline, we climb the mightiest mountains, we swim under the largest oceans, we fly towards the farthest planets.

If someone has done it before, even I/we can do it. We might reach there slowly, a little late but we shall not stop moving forward.