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Each of us have the innate desire to be happy, to be recognised for our efforts. Some get a good headstart with a good upbringing. It it the only recipe for life well lived ?

Talent, riches all should be taken care of regularly else they would all come to naught. Start with something, like the child holding the crayons the first time. It can be the most trivial of things that might actually get you somewhere on the journey towards the eventual destination, the one that you dreamed of.

Wouldn’t it be great to be devoid of responsibilities, to achieve great heights in the endeavour we start with. It doesn’t work that way, does it ? there are many ways to be successful (what is meant by successful ?)

Each of us have our own way, which we stumble upon or are guided by someone who has done it before. There are 7 billion different ways to live currently (No. is actually infinite), i am basing the number of earth’s current human inhabitants. But how many are actually living humanely ? Most of the population, the non first worlders are livin in inhuman conditions, struggling and working for 2 proper meals in a day, while in some corner there are some gulping the expensive caviar by the mouthful.

George Mike is insightful, while saying that one kind of solution will eventually create another problem. Isn’t that the circle of life ?, it will always be something. Greed will never be satisfied, someone will always want the 1st/top spot. To get to the spot, that’s where the difference starts, while some do all kinds of inhuman things as winning is the only thing that matters, the end justifies the means for them. As they are not the receiving end of Damocles Sword.

Should be careful of those who understand what they are doing consciously, but still continue doing it. Knowing that it is harmful to others, for these men/women have become a slave of their desires & will go to any depths to get what they want. What do we do ?

All that one can do, is live in the way of Dharma. for though it is difficult every single moment listening to the bricks thrown at you and about you.

Dharma will guide you in the darkest of times, for only hope in the working of dharma, can there be any semblance & meaning to life .

The butterfly effect or Karma and its mysterious working keep giving some reality checks. Ashoka embraced Buddhism & many are bearing the fruit of its teaching with a peaceful existence as the king followed it. But the good karma, will not atone for the Bad Karma and misery caused by the collateral damage of the wars.

Do we have to keep fighting over everything, why is it so difficult for human beings to understand the consequences of their actions.