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How moving a Single digit tends to change the future

The Binary bit 1(one) preceded by a 100(hundred) 0’s(zero) would amount to 1 in decimals, whereas 1 followed by a 100 zero in binary would be 1 octillion * 1000 in decimal . graham’s number

All we need is the first digit to be proper & not be disturbed, keep doing work required to add zeros to the end and not shift the 1 the one to the right.

  • Case in Example PM Modi with simple measures has transformed the lives of 1.3 billion people, yes some argue that it has not reached all of them, but the foundation has been laid and is pretty strong. Its a matter of time, where India will have its watershed Apollo 11 moment.

It would not be surprising for India to open its medal tally in tens at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The grassroots have been nurtured with the likes of Khelo Games for school children & overhaul of the Sports Infrastructure. Unless one invests in the roots, expecting a bountiful harvest would be a fools errand. A Healthy Nation would a Leading Nation.

It would not be surprising to see new frontiers being conquered by Indian scientists in every sphere of life. Again the Atal Tinkering Labs initiative, is a simple but masterful step. Develop the brain of young children, show them the wonders of science, the tricks of rockets work, they will build marvellous machines as they are more capable, imaginative and can build on the experimental platform

Like the legendary football exponent Johann Cruyff said “Playing football is simple, but playing simple football is difficult”. KISS principle aka Keep It Simple Silly, model envisages that for an idea to first click, make the contraptions work in the currently available way, hold the skeleton together with duct tape, then iterate it ruthlessly to make it simple. It takes real courage and determination to be the first founder/experimenter/inventor. Improve the idea constantly everyday, iron out the kinks in the armour. Definitely very soon, it would be something as proportional as the Vitruvian Man.

  • Case in Example Aadhar is a simple example, it was patchy to begin with, the news was flooding about its many difficulties and mistakes, now after continuously revisiting the first principles, Aadhar has become the strong backbone of the country, gone are the days when ideas about providing facilities to the Billion plus population would be scoffed at and considered a herculean task. Tomorrow someone comes up with a new initiative which could greatly affect and improve the 1.3 billion plus people. All one has to do, is to utilise the services of Aadhar/India Stack. voila, now you have a market reach of 1.3 Billion people ready.

What Can we build now ?