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Scene 1

Q. When are u getting married . ?

A. When I earn enough to pay the girl dowry to marry me

After 2 minutes

Knocked out :P

Pure economic terms.

The girls parents would undergo huge loss.

Because they would have invested their entire time and money to make her independent.

Lost Inheritance

And then after marriage, she has to work for the boy’s family. The boy’s family sometimes also get dowry.

Whereas the girls father, would have to pay loans his entire life, that he would have spent on the marriage for the sake of society.

Society Doesn’t Do anything anyways

Save it for your old age, That he would have spent on a pompous marriage just for the sake of society.

How funny life is.

In the end, all we need understand is addition and subtraction

Say No to Old Medieval Practices

In days of kings and queens. The marriage between kingdoms was done to stabilise the neighbours and reduce wars.

The entire kingdom was invited to the feast. Now remember the feast was actually borne by the taxes paid by the peasants. While the kinship enjoyed in vanity .

Now should we still continue the practice.

If i ?

If I get married. It’ll be a destination wedding in a far away place among nature

Where just like old times, both the families cook together and eat together

Different People, Different Priorities

Now last week there were many marriages of our country’s most famous celebrities.

At one place, there was the wedding of the century of the business magnate . A wedding of two different cultures conducted at centuries old Palace.

In between, the nation’s most famous sportpersons. Winners of their respective court, winners of biggest medals. They had the most unassuming of the marriages, because for them marriage meant something else . Read next chapter

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