Not a man If u took dowry, gifts as marriage If u conveniently let the girls family to handle the marriage expenses

Forget woman empowerment, Stop woman disempowerment

A gentleman, would have shared half the expenses (gender equality) .

What does he bring into the marriage?
The girl carries the baby and delivers in labour.

Patriarchal society has messed up life. Huge debts are taken to conduct a marriage.

A class on Profit and loss statements should seriously be given to both families before marriage.

Who will end up paying the debts?
It will be you, struggling for next few years. Paying it off.

Be responsible, spend on your girl child education, give her better opportunities.

Spend on your ownself, than buying expensive jewellery which ull wear once a year. Someone will have more than you anyway

Take that vacation to the poster u have on your wall.

You’ll remember more about your vacation, than the day of ur marriage. Unless it’s I’ll gotten money.

Only fools would spend so much on a single day, which most want to forget anyways.

Jaago, grahak, Jaago

We are all responsible, for the just born girl child, who is smothered because of the expenses she will have to pay for marriages.

Beti bachao andolan, will just be another slogan

All lives matters

There is still time, pay the debts of the girls father. reduce ur bad karma.

Because u will pay more, when ur own kid will come to that stage.