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  • why

It has become increasingly difficult to get any peace at the working of USA Govt.

The land of dreams is turning out to be a nightmare for the refugees, immigrants and the have-nots

With capitalist greed taking over all walks of life and normalcy and state of living improving at the other countries

USA is no longer a preferred destination, When the leadership is run by tainted a male chauvinist , polygamist , it becomes increasingly difficult to paint a rosy picture with the various thorns pricing every day

Rather than build a cooperative peaceful world by helping out in problems with other nations

USA has been continuing to derail economics and install leader of their liking

Someone needs to tell them that the idiotic Cold War is done. We humans are facing catastrophic climate distress due to the worst human practices of the developed world

Now if you read between the lines and analyse the actions of the various directives of the government, it paints a bleak picture.

Some examples of USA actions on India

  • Cloud Act : USA based companies should handover data stored in foreign countries. This is a response to the local data storage law passed by India on the same lives of EU GDPR .

  • Solar Panel : US Trade Organisation repeatedly complains to place economic sanctions against supply of solar panel to India . India is the biggest importer of oil, since it doesn’t have any oil reserves to supply its gigantic population.

But India, strategically located near the equator line, get abundant sun shine for 8+ months , enough to solve its perennial black outs keeping the masses in misery

  • GPS : When infiltrators took over the siachen peaks and started shelling over the important Jammu route which was the only supply route

India’s request to US to provide GPS support to overcome the infiltration that had choked the route and brought the state to a standstill

The delay cost the Army precious time, it eventually delayed the expected win against a batallian of armed extremists

To be continued ..

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