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The hate that has fueled for decades has destroyed millions of lives and endangers our future generations.

We see that humans from Pakistan and Bangladesh as enemies and illegal immigrant, many of us wish misery for the souls on the other side of the border.

For a historical perspective, Indians, Bangladeshis P, Pakistanis come from the same region, the same blood was split for all the 3 countries in their fight for Independence against the British.

Some people at that time, for their convenience, greed, divided our nations. Both of our borders were cut from India. The nation that bountiful resources decades ago, was reduced to a third world country. The Invaders systematically destroyed our traditions, beliefs. With both our borders now closed, it was hate that kept the people from each side away, resulting from millions of lives to die and rot during the Partition.

Our traditions, scriptures speaks about humans who lived for a hundred years. Due to the successful misery brought on us, the life expectancy was 35-40 after Independence. Millions died during the Bengal famine, where the local produce was transported out of the country, leading to the native population to hunger and death.

The seed of hatred was sown to destroy the nations for decades to come, all their plans became success. We still fight bitterly over religion, caste and ego. Our nation is still fractured, though we may billionaires in palatial mansions, but forget that there are millions of children who sleep without a meal at night, lakhs of pregnant women who for lack of nutrition, would give birth to malnourished children affecting their entire lives.

Even after 70+ years and billion plus population, why haven’t we banished the demons of hunger and poverty. We have movies which collect 100+ crores, companies having lakhs of employees. Is there no end to our greed, Gandhi said ‘Mother Earth has enough for our needs, but never enough for our greed’.

Till every child goes to sleep with a stomach filled, can we as humans beings with conscience, the gifted animals who have received a brain can stop the religious war till the sufferings of every human is reduced.

Let us solve our own problems first, If all of us solve our local issues and live with integrity. Then the sufferings will be a problem that our future generations do not have to deal with .