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Why Reservation

Prisoner of Birth

This topic is a time-fuse. I need to tread the waters carefully else it will rain tornado on me. It will be little dry, not usual quirkiness, Don’t sleep yet .

Today is 7-Oct-2018 almost 68+ years since our constitution came into effect.

The constitution was not written in a single day. So dont blame so fast for your current misery:P , everything was well thought out. The constitution written by the founding members took inspiration from the existing republics of its time. India chose to be a democratic country, such that power to run the nation will not rest in the hands of a single party or person .


The world had seen the horrors of the last war that arose due to the autocracy in Europe, Dictatorship in USSR. India too was facing the same problems that once plagued the current superpower. The bloody civil war between the North and South Confederate in America, made the push for Equality as a major declaration in the American Declaration of Independence. Coming back to India, the English had vacated after the relentless struggles of the Freedom fighters. Now the time had come to govern ourselves. At the time of Independence, there were more than 100 princely states.

Too many cooks spoil the Broth

With a big population(Back then it was not huge), numerous languages, multiple cultures how do we frame a common law that is acceptable to everyone. Everyone wanted his demands to be met otherwise they spoke of violent rebellion. The situation was getting out of hand, we could not afford another massacre/wanton destruction of Partition(We failed , failed badly after getting Independence). (Secretly the Brits were laughing away at our preposterous condition, they left behind a ticking time bomb as inheritance).

Now imagine taking 100 kids to Disneyworld and asking them to choose their favorite toys. The chaos that would ensure , the multiple combinations, the tantrums that the kids would throw, would make any person(Persons too) to lose their mind (Find the person, who asked them initially). Now the kids are civil, non-violent, get them a candy and they would calm down.

In India’s case the situation was a very tricky, these states had their own private armies, rebellion was mentioned, could they(they did) turn violent if their expectations were not met .

How would you tackle/solve this sleeping monsters, put it in other way. What do you do when u face a problem for the first time ? Simple. You read about what others did before you. (If you dont read history , then you are bound to repeat the same mistakes , is this the reason for the current state of ???) . This point was emphasized by my senior , when i just started working in the company, he told me that better solutions(tried and tested) are already available, learn how to find them. (That’s why im good at Google :P)

Much of our constitution is borrowed from American constitution as it was the only working democracy at the time(All others were in dire straits). Other articles like law/order, banking policies were continued from british policies with modifications. Now the first problem could be solved by feeding their ego with more land, money .etc(That did the trick)

Another problem that gave sleepless night to the founders was the issue/concept of Equality. Bit of history lesson, ancient india was basically divided into 4 classes(I did not invent, i was taught in class). You see , having the concept of these classes, few enjoyed the luxuries whereas others were mercilessly oppressed (Circa 2018, this still happens in quite a few places).

Can this problem be solved by declaring a law “All Citizens Are Equals” , nope it failed, who follows the rules/laws right (Just see the disgusting animals, who park in middle of road, travel in opposite directions . Will take their class in ‘Why Traffic’). Can it be done by penalizing the offenders ? Nada , it failed too (The logistics to enforce is literally/economically not justified )

One suggestion that was floated was the providing incentives ie. the Government would reserve(Finally , the taboo word). Some places would be reserved for the men of oppressed communities (Women had no chance back then) , the Govt. would broadcast the schemes and anyone from the oppressed class could take the benefits and uplift their lifes.

Now this was 1950, the world had just survived total annihilation from the World Wars, Brits/Dutch were retreating and new countries were being formed (We should be fortunate, out the many countries , that got dependence along with us. We are in a good state (Mind it, its in comparison with a failed state)).

The intention behind reservation was noble, without Equality among men, the nation would not be able to continue (It would face another internal civil war). Without which we would have become a Prisoner of Birth .

These incentives were designed to expire after a certain period or meeting expectations. Just like nuclear fission, you need to provide external energy till the reactions reaches a critical point after which it is self sustainable .

Did the incentives expire. Read it in the next part ,

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