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This post is my own musings, Not liable for the content . Take it with a pinch a salt .

For Students


Do you want to be like Neo ? (Not the bullet dodging superskill). Students at any and every stage of studies should now be exposed to OpenSource Tech.

If you are buying a new PC go for a Ubuntu/Centos/RHEL certified Laptop/Desktop. Trust me , you will be struggling initially but then you will be in demand during Placement season.

The tables have been turned on proprietary tech , all the the companies have understood that if they don’t utilise OpenSource projects(If we use OpenSource, then you should release the code back to the community). It is just not the free s/w, but the pace the at which s/w is being updated/

Gone are the days of devices which would become absolute due to non patching(update mechanism). With the rise of WiFI/4g/5g networks that have democratized use of Internet. The devices have become smart(aka IOT) . What do you think powers these devices ? Voila. Its Linux

Do you want(not wish) your home to be automated like they show in Ironman, Batman movies ? Does amazon echo/google home ads flash first to your mind(Feeling bad that it is too expensive and cant afford it). Well, you are in for a treat, you see the same tech can be yours for less than 3-4k and it can be built in your home and you need not order it online ( Please read about the Raspberry Pi Projects)


OpenSource has its roots from a passionate College Student from Finland who had written an OS, he goes by the name of Linus Torvalds, this single collge project (It was based on the previous UNIX system by AT&T labs) has a made a world of difference to the age of Computers. The s/w is still kicking & running even after 30 years of its first release. It is the s/w that powers your smart watches, smart TV’s, drones, aircraft, nuclear reactors (the list is endless), almost all the electronic devices out there are based on the OS that Linus built . (Linux = Linus + Unix .. Comprende ?).

Its the size of the dog in the fight , its the size of the fight in the Dog :Mark Twain

Linux has survived the onslaught of Windows OS, Mac OS, thought initially it was treated as the uncool kid all the time. Linux is now having its time of the life. Recently Microsoft proudly(not exactly) announced that the Azure Cloud offering now has close to > 60% linux servers deployed and that most of its services are now powered by Linux.

Last Bit, Android device are built on top of Linux kernel. A request to all instructors, teachers, professors at schools, college, universities, Please switch to linux immediately, the pain you take now, will be rewarded when your pupils are well established.

I hope by now, you are a bit convinced to try out Linux as your default OS (You will miss playing games), if you want to be the cool kid , switch to Linux now !! (You can buy your own gaming rig once you earn )

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