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Cutting Edge Tech


OpenSourceIndia had its 15th conference at Nimhans Convention Center, Bengaluru on 11,12th October 2019. Two days of enriching talks, debates, demos and workshops were conducted, it was certainly an intellectual feast.

But why OpenSource ? , aren’t we happy with Windows10(Th pirated copy, they know you are using it) where we can customize Wallpapers, aren’t we happy with IPhones (Portrait mode, end of discussion).

Do you know that there is an entirely different world out there ? (For those who haven’t heard of OpenSource). Do you know that Neo from Matrix actually exists. This world is called OpenSource. Did you know that you can create your MobileOS(Its time i build one, come back here later, i’ll provide link :How To) like Similar to Android in minutes, or that you can have a free/licensed OS like Windows within minutes. (You can customize literally anything you wish , not just the Wallpapers).

There was skepticism earlier regarding the durability, quality of open source projects, those things are matter of the past now. These days, the bigwigs of tech like Google, Amazon, Alibaba all OpenSource their projects. (Are they mad to give away their source code for free[for the work that they paid for their employees for], wouldn’t someone just copy it and sell for a lower amount).

Necessity is the Mother of All Inventions.

Rapid innovation is the mantra now, as they said ‘Necessity is the Mother of all Inventions’. The top companies are in a precarious situation, you see not everyone works for money all the time, People want to harness and develop their creativity. Now we all now , that each company that we work for cannot be in the business of building (profitable)rockets. Instead we can work on which projects which helps for our personal development.

So how do we harness the creativity rage that keeps knocking on the door, the door that opens(?) is OpenSource. With OpenSource, you can build literally anything you wish(Please be ethical) & then put out your work on the open (,, . If someone likes your work , they will either

  1. Use it for free
  2. Pay you a small donation for helping them
  3. Best Reason : They will contribute to your project, making it even more attractive

Wait, Wait, if i work on OpenSource & nobody pays me, who fill the bellies of my parents , kids and spouse ? Is there any future in OpenSource .

Show me the Money, Honey

We are the right moment to jumo into the OpenSource bandwagon, Are we that dumb to reinvent the wheel again. If you want to build a fast performance car, will you concentrate on revolutionizing the drivetrain for improved efficiency and performance metrics or will you spend time scratching your head to think which tire thread would look good (Why don’t i just buy the best tires available on the market).

All companies are slowly coming to the realization that OpenSource collaboration is the only way to innovate faster and better.

The Major selling point in OpenSource, It promotes meritocracy, there are no bias against race, colour, creed etc. If your work is good enough then it is the only entry criteria.

Happy OpenSource(It is just not coding, there are various ways to contribute, read the next post )

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