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My Childhood dream

Is sky the limit ?

First things first, this post will be pure hope and expectations . I have spewed enough venom in my last post, i can still taste the bitterness on my tongue. I promise to make it up, with the dessert, the topping of ice cream .

I am hoping that i’ve already convinced the doubters of Why Modi , if not , this post will be my last salvo. I wish you well .

This post is very personal, i will let you get a glimpse of my childhood dream .

When we are kids, we are so inquisitive, we ask so many questions, so many dreams we dream everyday. There is no burden of expectations to meet, earning money to support family. All we wanted to be was either of these

  1. Sports Star : Who graced out screens after the winning ceremony of matches.
  2. Cartoon Super Heroes : These characters did magic/impossible stuff in such an amazing way , that we believed everything to be possible. ( I did get a knock on my head, trying to emulate ShaktiMaan) (Kids do not try any stuff shown on tv at home, It hurts) . I still feed the kid in me , by watching cartoons.
  3. Freedom fighters who fought the tyranny of their times , they are the ones who gave a new meaning to the word freedom.

Now wait ! Is your question ? What have i got to do with the writer’s dream, i have my own dreams right. Some which i pursued, some which slipped away, sime which people laughed at, some that some day you believed you were incapable just because you were told for something else.

This post is all about my childhood dream, how its fire got rekindled, how my spirits are high as it will ever be . Now some background about myself (Too bad, you need to read , I’m a blabbermouth), I’m a scorpion, in the sense , i am very passionate, i either do stuff completely or i dont do it all, also i am emotional fool, Yes i’m a grown up guy & i do get tears of sadness when i hear something bad happen to someone, i also get tears of joy when i see amzing feats achieved by the superheroes of our generation.

Incase you were born during the 1960’s (Is there someone this old who is reading this post, plz contact me), i’m sure you’ll relate to my dream, How does something that happened 50 years ago still hold relevance in 2018. Plz hear me out.

The decade of 1960’s was the Golden Era of Space Age, The whole world stopped and took notice when Russia(USSR) first launched Sputnik, all you had to do was get up night and then see the greatest engineering marvel, Man had built his very own star at night, he had emulated God in a small way . If you were nerdy enough, you could hear the signals that Sputnik(Our own hearbeat jumped when this star in the sky sent its own heartbeart, telling the men on the ground, that is fine, dont worry mortals)

This was the defining moment of humankind, the one point in human history which brought a sea change in peoples aspriation. This launch made the two superpowers of the time to outdo each other in Space, Historians call it the “Space Race”, Few years afterwards there was the next defining moment, how i wish i was born 60 years ago. You would have definitely heard the famous lines ever said by man “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap form mankind”, it was uttered by Neil Armstrong, the first human to step foot on a celestial object, the place that was dedicated for Gods in all mythology. Neil Armstrong was the first Human God.

Now visualize the scene, you are fixated at the TV screen , like the millions others watching the broadcast of the Apollo landing , i would have surely got a mild attack (It still amazes my today, when i imagine myself).

It is DejaVu after 61 years, Coincidence or not Sputnik 1 was launched yesterday 4th October 1957. Let me ask you, How many of you watched the launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy on Feb 6 2018. If you have not watched it, please do now. It is very relevant to what i have to say next.

I had my moment of skipping an entire bunch of hearbeats , i literally had tears of joy flowing nonstop. What i just witnessed was my childhood dreams getting kick started . Ever since i read about Tintin’s (“Destination Moon”) comic, a seed was sown in the 10 year old me. I wanted to be spacefarer , but as the years passed, the light and the dream slowly faded.

Just a recap on the Falcon Heavy Launch, the launch was regular stuff we see on TV, for me the best moment was , the moment that is still in my eyes is ‘The synchronous landing of the two rocket side boosters on land’, yes the rockets landed. SpaceX by now had mastered landing single rockets on land and sea. This was like watching two olympic swimmers do a perfect synchronous dive in the pool. Though another booster(the main) missed its mark on the sea, if it would’ve happened , then the record books would be blown away for simulataneously landing 3 rocket boosters. Ok Okay, i’ll admit i’m an Elon Musk fanboy , i literally worship him (Ask my friends:P ). Now this is an American dream, bzoz to work at Musk’s SpaceX i had to be an American, so that was door was shut.

On 15th August, our latest Indepenence Day, some guy uttered the word “GAGANYAAN”, come again, Gaganyaan, it means spacefarer in sanskrit(Is it?). The term is analogous to the erstwhile USA Astronaut Corps, the Cosmonauts of Russia. Hold on, pinch yourself, did someone say india will have its own beta/beti in Space (Till now , Rakesh Sharms has the distinction of the only Indian in Space). Hopefully as projected by 15th August 2022, while celebrating our 75th Indepenence, we will have our very own beti on Mars , unfurling the tiranga.

Is Sky the Limit ??

Now for me, i am on the wrong side of the needle, i am 27 years old, maybe i cannot make the first flight. But what our young kids, our children, they have a fighting change to be the first person. I would give an arm, an eye, a kidney, one leg just for a small space on the ISRO PSLV booster that will take the team India to mars/moon (beyond, i can dream)

I have become a kid now, i can still accomplish my dream, if not the first flight, i will make the subsequent light . Someone said(Yes someone again) “If you are in my path, then i suggest you move”. What about you ? What about your children ? Will you dream again ? Will you let your kids dream big ? Dont you want yourself/your kid to be a Gaganyatri , do you want to be our new age desi Neil Armstrong (A big salute to Rakesh Sharma)

The Only Reason Why

Come 2019, my vote for Modi will be just for Gaganyaan, i dont care about money, fame, take away everything just for one seat on the SpaceShip.

Epilogue :

To Patient Reader,

I hope you liked the roller coaster ride. This post was written our of sheer desperation to ward out the negativity . This is my answers to Modis’ ‘Swatchata Hai Sewa’ call, I hope it helped to clean out few dirt and made you dream again.

If you liked my rant and want to read more , go to link to contact later to learn how i do it and how u can help .

To Shri Narendra Modi ji,

Call him a superhero, chief protoganist (antagonist to the naysers), throw at him brickbats, bouquets or flowers, i do salute your amazing work ethic. You and your and amazing team have showed me how to dream again.

I am hoping in my heart of hearts to receive a call from you after reading this . (Secretly installing call recorder now).

Last note

All i want to do is to shout on top of my lungs in utter exhilarametnt when our Gaganyatri lands on Mars.

Mera Bharat Mahaan

Will you join me ? (A silent teardrop follows)

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