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Farmer Suicide Part 2

Could you digest your food properly after reading the previous part 4.1 , If not this part will help you do something.

This post is for all the people (Including me) who bargain with the local mandi person and argue with thim to reduce 2/3 rs, we are the same people who will not bother paying twice the price for “Organic Food” , the same set of people who pay outrageous amount for a puny amount of food at high locale/posh hotels. Who Am i to question what you do with your money, Aren’t we paying for the Ambience/The A/C.

You might ask, hey i am not responsible for anything like farmer Suicide like im blaming now. I still pay 20 Rs for 1Kg tomato, 15Rs per Kg for onion, who the hell are you to point at me. I am not robbing the farmer by taking it for free, Well my friend, i do believe that you are paying whatever you said your paying.

But in reality, the farmer is actually getting robbed, do u have any inkling how much he is actually getting for his produce. After braving all the other problems, now when it is time to enjoy the fruits of his labour, tragedy/misfortune does not let him off easily. You might be paying 20Rs per kg for tomato, in reality he might be getting only 1-2 rs per kg.

In your travels, you might have seen truckloads of tomatoes, onion’s, potatoes being dumped on the road or garbage bin as part of some protest . Are the farmers crazy, if they are stupid enough to throw away their labour in protest for low prices, then who should be held if something happens to the farmer.

Let me recollect to you, an incident that was narrated to me in school by my teacher of his first hand experience. He comes from a agricultural family by that i mean , his family was completely dependent on agriculture. During one harvest season, they had a good yield, they loaded 3 truck full of potatoes to the market, tragedy befell them as the price of potato drastically fell from Rs. 8 to Re. 1 . Now for some basic math, 3 trucks each having 20 bags with each bag having 25 kg. That equals to Rs.12000, this was acceptable as their logistics would cost Rs. 4000 , they could take home 8000Rs . Due to price drop, now their earning is only 1500 and they also have to pay 4000 to the drivers. What could they do, What you would have done ? After running out of options, they hung their head low in shame and went home empty-handed. How did this happen, from Rs.8 to Rs.1 in a span of 1 day, Arent there any controls to avoid the problem. Want Answers, read further .

You must have hear about the “Gabbar Singh Tax” aka GST . Do you know the what were its objectives, one small object was the removal of border check posts, now how is this related to farmer suicide, definitely the write has gone nuts, Read on ( You must have great patience to have come thus far, your patience will be rewarded , trust me )

These so called “Check Posts” at some places were actually playing the role of Gabbar Singh, each vehicle has to pay some commission just to pass, Now digest this, the farmer would make 300-400 per day , if he would pay 100 Rs. as bribe,How much would he have left ?. No wonder few Bakasurs built palatial homes by kicking on the farmers stomach .

Khud nahi kaoonga aur doosro ko khaane nahi doonga

Forgive my bad hindi, This guy told in short “I will not take bribe nor will i allow anyone to take bribe” So now where does GST come in the picture ? What GST did was to reduce the number of intermediaries , the consumer and producer were taxed at a single instance. There was no additional cess that could be added by whims and fancies of any govt. Mr. GST guy, you pretty well know that some major items like Fuel are not included currently, request you to flex your muscles. We are tired of paying so much tax (My next piece on Why Tax, hopefully will make it clear for few atleast) . With GST , all the information is available instantly online, any searches/raids can now be done easily on mischief mongers who think they are above the law. I hope you remember the drama and furore that erupted when GST was implemented, it was mainly caused by the middlemen who preyed on these low income farmers. Whats your opinion of GST now? Is it Gabbar Singh Tax or did it remove the actual Gabbar Singh.

You will have definitely heard about this joke, Rs. 15 lakh will be added to everyones account by bring the black money stashed abroad. You know something, i have this big laugh whenever i hear this. Here were not able to make the government provide better facilities, the same set wants the cash bonanza ? you think that the rich person who is actually very smart would allow the money to be removed so easily and then added to your account.

OTP de bhai, sab kuch hoga ? Black money aayega

Why should you get the 15 lakhs amount, what makes you eligible ? you lazy person who cribs on the day of voting ? You the person who goes on a tour on Voting Day ? You the person who could not ask the right question ? Do u still think you deserve it ? What were you doing when the money was being stashed abroad ?

Did you hear something called the Jan Dhan Account , Yes the same minimum balance account , that people still check regularly for 15 lakhs . Because you do not have anything to discuss on Science and development, you fall low to play this cheap trick on others minds. Stop me/Ask me , how does Jan Dhan account stop farmer suicide ? read further if u want know what i found out .

The concept of Jan Dhan a/c was to remove the middlemen who would fake peoples identities and then rob the subsidies that the farmer was entitled to grow something . Now these farmers are poor and illiterate, how can you expect them to operate the Bank accounts(I had a horrible experience with banks few weeks ago, i will surely write about it). Gone are the days when he had to run pillar to post just to get his meagre subsidies, the days of the babus who played havoc in their lives are hopefully over. RuPay cards were introduced so that the farmer could use for his financial needs.

Arrey kya financial ? Iske paas paisa nahi hai na ?

Do you get the pesky insurance call when your working in the middle of something important, did someone say insurance ? Aha , why cant this stupid farmer just buy some insurance , his problems are solved . Is It so easy? It so happened that to start a insurance on a new fixture/property you need to have a huge corpus to settle claims. Now imagine the scale ? Which company/institution can boast of having a corpus that could somehow save the poor farmers soul ? It seems that some guy, has put a lot of thought into solving the problem . What he did was simple, add an additional cess :P (Nothing original here) “Krishi Kalyan Cess”(KKC) is now added on each and every transaction you make out there (C’mon government , how much will you milk the salaried class dry , do not try our patience, its already stretched too thin, you will have your worst nightmare if the middle class take it in their hands ) KKC is the corpus that the government is building to fund for crop failures , so that farmers do not take the extreme step, (You stupid writer, you made me feel miserable, now you are informing that i am actually paying to save someone ?) (MY point is ? Do you know for what you are actually paying tax ? )

I see a loophole here that the KKC guy failed to notice. Its time to make some black money, just follow the steps i say, you will become the next millionaire (Who will rot in Jail eventually, if u made ur million illegally), see i can post as a farmer, pay some bribe to the official and get the subsidy. It is so damn simple alva ? Gotcha , the KKC guy is not a dumb guy to messed with, What i found out is that he is building a weapon called “NAVIC” (Arrey yaar, so many acronyms seriously ?) , This weapon will do a check, if i am actually a farmer who needs to get reimbursed for crop failure (The kids out there, read how NAVIC can revolutionize India ).

Solve hua na , sab problems ?

End Notes :

i request you , from the depth of my conscience heart. Please dont buy more stuff just beacuse you can afford it and then throw it away because it rotted .

Please , when you to go restaurant with many people to celebrate something good, Do not order in bulk, just because its a party and you need to splurge unashamedly. After sometime , u will hear the chorus ‘ I’m full, aur nahi hoga’ and then u see multiple dishes that will go to the trash, at this moment think about the farmer who got peanuts and struggled a lot to put that plate of bountiful produce for you to eat. If you order less, the hotel will not run away, you can always order again

Someone great(Kaun hai this someone) “ The world is our enough for our needs, but it will never be enough to satisfy our greed “

Hope You Ate Well , I didn’t

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