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Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan

Farmer Suicide

Heads up, this one is one going to brutal and hard-hitting, It will ruffle many feathers , the language :offensive. So much anger is pent-up . It will blow, It will blow badly.

Stomach curls every single time, i hear news that somewhere a farmer has committed suicide for not being able to pay his loan. What infuriates me further is that the amount is trivial <15-35k> . The farmers die ( It should be called murder and should be charged to everyone as guilty who eats farm produce) due to shame of being unable to pay the loan.

Did u read the last sentence, i suggest u read it again. Emphasis is on the word SHAME . Did you get a reality check, is this ‘'’king normal today ? This is the case where every year we hear that , banks close bad loans from industrialists and bad loaners as NPA(Read about it) to the tune of <15-30k> thousand crores, ie. 15-25 thousand thousand crores. GULP. count the zeros in the amount. Now why do i hear only farmers dying of shame, don’t others have shame or does shame apply to people based on their income .

Lifi is Unjust/ Is It ? , Or our fates decided on birth. How can we live in this century, when we read two articles side by side , One talks/glorifies about the lavish multi-crore wedding bash thrown by a rich person and in the same breadth you read that a farmer has committed suicide(READ Murdered) for the 15-35K loan he took for his children’s wedding. What does this mean to you? Does your heart not beat a skip a heartbeat ? Do you feel sad ? Or is ur moral compass so dead that you think it is normal for farmers to commit suicide .

I have seen/experienced very closely, how devastating it is to lose the head of the family, i have felt the anguish of someone losing a loved one early, how their children’s dream got shattered, how badly the widow had to suffer.

Now why are farmers in such a pitiable state even after 60+ years of independence ? Why do they get swatted away like insects ? Why have they just become a statistic ? Dont you cry ? when u read the statistic released each year about the region wise farmer suicide count. Doesn’t your blood boil, when cheap politics start throwing pig-shit at each other, arguing that during my reign it was less, during my reign it was different. Are they ‘'’king serious, how the heck can they speak like it as a goddamn statistic.

Very recently, i was reading about an agitation wherein the farmers were demanding 2 promises from the government

  1. Free Electricity For Pump Sets
  2. Higher Rate for their produce .

Now in the same paper i read about the revolutionary agricultural practices that are followed by a small country like Israel, Bear me with this, i will show you, why indian farmers are asking such demand in 21st century, when you have news like “Space Missions” , “100 crore selling movies” , i aint pointing that they should not earn. My only question is ? What happened to the farmer ? Think about it for a while, think deeply for a minute. I am pretty sure you had nice meal, whereas some farmer out of sheer desperation is planning to end his life. What does your moral compass point to ?

Free Electricity to Pump Sets

Do you know the actual amount each year the government gives as subsidies for providing free Electricity to farmers. I ask you to stop reading the blog for some time and read about the amount . As per my knowledge nearly 40% of Electricity generated is provided as free Electricity. Do the math, make some use of the education that you so proudly boast of . You might be asking, why is this guy ranting about free Electricity, with the topic as “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan”, this post is lengthy, i suggest you make a cup of tea/coffee to survive the tirade that follows.

Farmers have been made to believe that only free Electricity from the grid is the only solution to their problems. If you tell this statistic/belief to a person from a developed country, you’ll be laughed at. Yes, i concur that Electricity is absolutely required due to our dependency on rains (See again, the farmers are made to believe that they are helpless, that only praying to GOD , will solve their problems ) But free Electricity ? Really ? that is most idiotic, stupidest, a water jug full of holes policy . Are there really no alternative ? Can you think of some alternative ? Do you see the amount of burden on the government ex-chequer has to suffer (Wait a minute, why will he suffer, he’s not paying from his pocket. It is people like you and made who are made to suffer by paying tax) (Whoops , looks like another topic to write about ? A 7 part blog on Why Tax? Will someone read it )

Now whats the solution, c’mon in this age nobody is that dumb enough, someone would have found some solution . I aint Newton who found out about this stuff for the first time . Read what i found , Through Greenpeace, my attention was brought to KUSUM (Whats the FullForm ? ) It is an initiative by the Govt. to provide solar water pumps to remove the dependency on Electricity from the grid . Wait .. Wait .. What hocus-pocus did i just hear “ No dependency on Electricity”, no way im falling for this silly trap, is some drunk blabbering nonsense .

Now solar is not cheap, many attempts have been made to derail plans for India to get hands on cheap green tech , just two days ago on Oct 2, a conference meet on Green tech called International Solar Alliance(ISA) was conducted , it was having its 5th iteration. Now Some Guy (Find out who) made a bold statement that ISA will replace OPEC in the immediate feature for meeting the world energy needs . I believe this is a wonderful opportunity for the farmer to come out of the death trap, for this to happen. Solar/Wind based water pumps should be provided to every farmer on a war footing .

It needs to be done on a war footing, all the industrialists worth their salt , all the people who eat food produced by the farmers, if you think you have a moral conscience , please help to make it a success. I am pretty sure that you could carve out a few hours from your schedule, because GOD forbid, the alternative is eating food pills in immediate future, if the farmer’s future is not set right immediately, then god help us (Especially me, because i have no clue how to grow ).

Let me break this topic into two parts (Like the movies to make more money), the next part will be “Higher rate for the produce” . It will follow soon .

The content is ready and equally hard hitting, I am not sure if it touched your conscience or not, well it definitely did for me while writing.

I hope u ate well.


Farmer suicide : Part 2