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Beta , Tujse Na Ho Payega

(Start)Up Mania

“Beta tujse na ho payega” , How many times have we heard this in our lifetime and same with our parents. (No offense to the Beti). For quite some time our hands were tied, there was much negativity prevailing, the lower & middle class did not know how to dream big . (Who stopped you ?)

It was believed that ‘U should be born in riches, fate is already determined by birth’. You had to pay commission to open a business, the number of rules/regulations to open a company is gigantic (I have a first hand experience, it took a week to just find out where all i should apply and im pretty sure ive missed something) . It was preordained that ‘Study hard, get a job in a MNC, life will be set’, Nobody told me what happens after joining the MNC .

Why am i talking about startup’s , i am also part of the sheep tribe, who studied hard and joined an MNC, now i will provide a sneak peek of what unfurled .

Where did these MNC’s come from, the famous enterprises that many aspire(sheep ?) Google, Amazon ,, sometime back Bell Labs,Intel .. these were the pioneers in the field of technology, breaking through barriers with their inventions. Can you see the recurring theme in all the companies, they are all American Companies built on the ‘The American Dream’. Umm Umm , India got independence 60+ years ago, which are the Indian companies come to ur mind for inspriation ( No disrespect to Tata’s, Birla’s ), we did have TCS,WIPRO that were built by men(again nothing against beti) who dreamed big, it took them a long time to reach where they are now, no doubt they put out their heart’s, mind and body to accomplish their dreams .

In comparison the Bansal’s, Agarwal’s of today made Billions in a short period of time, Hold on, before you pull out daggers for my “Apples to Oranges” comparison. Thanks to the work ethic put out by the established companies, the unicorn companies had a good foundation. Then why did they not replicate the model of Infosys/TCS/Wipro/ ? Can you think about it for a while, read further why .

The reason is pretty plain and simple, they wanted to be the frontrunners, developing cutting edge technology relevant to our time, whom else to replicate other than Google/Amazon/Uber . (“Fake it , till you make it”). Am i diverging or am i on track, patience , it will all make sense . Hopefully :P

For many of us students in Non-Metro Engineering college’s, the concept of working and studying at the same time was an alien concept, nobody spoke about , guess why ? Nobody had a clue how . It was not because we were lazy and willing to pass the opportunity to work and miss buying cool stuff to show off, Spoiler Alert!! there was no opportunity to learn and earn. The ones who were lucky enough to have a family business , built up their business acumen. Whereas the other (read sheep) believed “Study hard, get a Job in MNC”, was all we thought. Spare me your forks and tooth picks, this happened to me, im not talking about 1970’s stuff.

What happened is the “The Great Indian Brain Drain”, the likes of Google,Amazon are powered by our very own “Hard Working” Indians who are helping to build the “American Dream” , Shouldn’t these people be called traitors? Did they not have love/loyalty on our country ? Were there no Indian companies good enough for them ? Why did they go to US or other countries to fulfill their dreams ? Well they were sold on the “American Dream” . Hold on, Hold on, Isn’t there supposed to be an “Indian Dream “ , did some monster/ghost make it a nightmare ?

Well let me repeat the same old stuff again, most of the people were sick of the bureaucracy,redtape, reservation (60 years has passed since it was required ), that is still prevalent. Sorry, did i not say that i will concentrate on the good stuff . Read on .

Something happened to me recently , I was made a mentor to a bunch of 19 year old kids(I aint that old too :P) to participate in some fancy wording thing called “Smart India Hackathon 2018”. Sometimes realisation hits you so hard in the …. , like finding a deer in your headlights in the middle of the night . Let me tell you, these kids were doing amazing stuff , the feeling you get when you are packed in a hall with 600+ super energized, dreamyeyed, adrenaline pumped kids working on their projects non-stop for 2 days is definitely going to rub off, it was damn ‘contagious’ . (I must have caught the startup virus) . The kind of solutions these starry-eyed kind where planning/implementing was just world class , “What happened to these kids ?” Did nobody tell them “Beta, tujse na ho payega, Join a MNC , settle down??”

Woah Man , This is absolute cheating, the biggest SCAM of our times. Why did we not get these benefits, who the hell is this guy, who made them dream again . Can you find this guy ? Phew, i blew my steam off, i have started to dream again, like the kids i met, Initiatives like Startup India, Smart India Hackathon, Smart City .. ( Ahh . i have to stop counting the numbers are more than the number i can count on my fingers) are giving amazing opportunites.

Is it time to build on the “India Dream” or should we wait another century ? What do you think ? What do you want to do ? How much were you paid to give up on ur childhood dreams ? The path is shaky, thorny , but there are many out there who will help you carve out another dream and another inspring story . Someone said “ To be successful, You have to get it right only once”, till then dream on and put out your heart to accomplish it.

What Next ?

Jai Jawan , Jai Kisan