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Elections are due next year, the Game of Thrones start yet again. The blog post is part of 5 series part on why i would prefer to see Modi again for the next term .

Few of the reasons are below, each will be covered separately in a blog post, send me a mail if you concur, otherwise don’t bother to repudiate. I am going to concentrate only on the good stuff . As the saying goes ‘The world is not miserable not because of Bad people, but because the Good ones do not speak up’

No. Reasons Why -
1 Champion Orator link
2 (Demon)etisation link
3 (Start)Up Mania link
4 . 1 Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan (Farmer Suicide) link
4 . 2 Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan (Farmer Suicide) link
5 Gaganyaan link

Part 2

No. Reasons Why -
6 Who are you link
7 Where is the money ? link
8 Why the Name Change Wave ? link
9 Gauhatya or Women Dignity link

Part 3

No. Reasons Why -
10 The Mother link
11 The Bee link
12 The Teacher link
13 The Firebrand link
14 The River link
15 The Cook link
16 The Defender link

Champion Orator

History’s famous and recognised leaders have all been amazing orator who through their speech commanded respect and uplifted others through their vision and the strength in their voice. ‘Day of Infamy’ by Eisenhower after the Pearl Harbor attach, Swami Vivekananda’s Speech at Chicago in 1893, Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ that brought a revolution in America, W. Churchill held the masses on tip of his speech and was instrumental for huge progress in people hopes and fortunes.

I’m particularly happy that during my time, we have got one gem of an orator in Modi. Being a keen follower of history. In recent times, there has been no leader whose Oratory skills ranks No. 1 in World Politics.

Now how is Oratory skills relevant to run a Country ?

India is represented and identified on the Global Platform by the Prime Minister, We need someone who is vocal on the grassroot issues and can champion basic issues. The people had to be reminded by starting ‘Swatch Bharat Abhiyan’ that we are entirely responsible for our cleanliness , during every ‘Mann Ki Baat’ cleanliness topic is always brought up . If the Cleanliness Cess that keeps on running till we reach our cleanliness goal does not wake up people not to dirty our surroundings, then i just wonder what will ? It certainly alerts me whenever i would tried to throw a wrapper on the road, for god sakes, i am paying someone just to pick that wrapper and throw it to the bin.

Not many have the privilege to read papers , listen to news everyday to find out ‘ What is it that the government does ?’ Mann ki Baat is a masterstroke to connect to the people, Sometimes it makes you think, okay there is PM who is making time out of other schedule to just update the citizens what is going on this country. C’mon dont we have news anchors to update the news ? When such programmes are given by the most powerful person in the nation, the entire country sits up and takes notice. It gives them an idea on what is going good and what can be improved . Maybe few years down the line , Modi will be remebered for ‘Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan’.

As Someone great said ‘Only Clean and Pure Mind/Body can acheive the impossible’

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