I agree and grieve on the loss of life during the vigilantism in places against cow slaughter.

This has become a very famous meme, some say that cows are more safe in india than human beings.

Will you hate Modi and defeat him for this purpose only.

Hear me out for 2 mins, anyways u have already decided what you want to do.

My family travels during the vacation,

the only problem is finding clean and safe toilets for my mother and sister .

For me and dad, its just a matter of finding an empty bush on the highway(happens only in the extreme cases and that too years ago). Now most of the highways have good sprinkling of food establishments, where we can use the toilets.

I live in a Tier 2 city and by god’s grace we have a roof over our head and toilet with it. My mother and sister do not have to face any issues here.

Now imagine the same condition in the villages.

As we all have been learning since time memorial, Bharat is a country of millions of villages.

Most of the villages are remote and do not have well built sewage infrastructure thats expected to be in cities.

Most of the women folk, have a harrowing experience attending nature’s call,

Due to less or almost non-existence of Toilets, the womenfolk have to endure hardships everyday, for their entire life.

Just as an analogy, What do u do, when the overhead/sump water stops working for 3-4 days. When you dont get water to wash yourself, How harrowing has been the experience, In cities, people put sickleaves as they have to somehow manage the water issue.

Modi’s major agenda during his term was fulfilling the dream of the Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

The Father of the Nation said “Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness”

“We can no more gain God’s blessing with an unclean body than with an unclean mind. A clean body cannot reside in an unclean city”

the main quote that was emphasized by Modi through his Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan Mission was

“So long as you do not take the broom and the bucket in your hands, you-cannot make your towns and cities clean”.

Now , think for a while.

Does the dignity and safety of our mothers and sisters have no significance.

Are we so blinded by hate and misery that we wil not stop and think for a while.

The entire nation will choose its next PM aka Prime Minister for the earlier aristocrats and Pradhan Sevak for the newest incubent.

Remember, your are not choosing only for the next 5 years.

But also for the next generation, the generation of your young children.