Where is the money ?

We have been made waiting for our Rs. 15 Lakhs. Its 4 years already and none in power will give a definite date. Right ?

Now what happened during this 4 years ? Lets try to find the money

  • Jan Aushad Kendra :

    Generic medicine centers have sprung up in most of the places. These medicine provide a cheaper alternative to the high priced medicines. Now for cost comparison , A Diabetes control tablet strip of 10 Tablets cost Rs. 80. Most swallow the meds twice a day. Cost for a year will be Rs. 5760 ( yes, Einstein calculate for once . ) A generic medicine produced locally under license retails at Rs. 20 per strip. Using the alternative would lead to savings of Rs. 4320 per year.

  • Heart Stents :

    Vendors were forced to reduce/bring an affordable stents for heart vessel blocks. The stents that would earlier cost Rs. 1 Lakh apiece now can be acquired for Rs. 15000. Thats a savings of Rs. 85000

  • No Job Creation :

    Dont we love to post our InstaSelfies and fight so hard for a PUBG chicken dinner. The top selling brand since few years has been Xiaomi. Now where do these phones come from ? Isnt that a stupid question, even a kid can answer that its made in China. Get eyesight checked please, because Xiaomi has setup manufacturing facilities in India to build a few models. Next time someone barks on TV, that there is no Job creation. Use that muscle between your ears before joining the chorus like a sheep.

  • Voting Day

    The best kept secret of election day is that usually comes during the weekend so that everyone can exercise their rights. But we all know what actually happens during election. The streets in cities are all empty, not because everyone has gone to vote. Its just that some people are so smart, they plan vacation in advance.

  • Train Travel

    We all are happy to travel in trains. Its the most comfortable to travel. So many choices of luxury. Let me tell you the irony, Train travel is heavily subsidised in India. The government takes a hit of nearly 43% cost of ticket per person. Subsidy is absolutely required, but is it actually being availed by the intended masses. Next time you travel in train, remember are you actually qualified to use the subsidies ? Do you deserve the subsidies or should it be properly used.

    Now i ask you

    • How is that you remember all your rights.
    • But you conveniently forget your duties.

    So the next time, you demand something. Remember to also fulfill your duties.

    Ignorance is no longer acceptable. Choose whom you wanted to represented by.

    • Not by the money you get the day earlier
    • Not by the subsidies you are promised
    • Not by the reservations that has became a bane more than a boon

Will you ask for money again ?