Who Are You ?

History has proof,

That the greatest men of their time

The thinkers The artists The scientists

They all were condemned as mad men, ridiculed by everyone.

Only later after few generations, did sense finally trickle down.

Sense Tricked Down

We know what happened to Galileo We know what happened to Copernicus We know what happened to Turing

The entire world talks about sacrifice/charity, but vehemently opposes individual greatness.

Einstein was one of the most powerful man during his lifetime. The worlds greatest riches, power was offered to him, But he did not let himself get corrupted,

It is because great men do not act/work for the approval of others. Their work is a testament to built of their of life.

What defines You ?

Nobody talks of the wealth DaVinci, how rich he was, what dress did he wear.

But his works are priceless. The Monalisa painting

We have all become cynics, We all love a great man falling down, we are jealous when someone gets recognised and admonish it by forecasting that it is all down to luck.

Cynical Times

We are in such grave times, when the likes Elon Musk (Yes i am a fanboy) get so much negative publicity for one missentence. We conveniently forget that, Elon Musk is a single person.

But that single has so much conviction, a purebred dedication to match his statements. We are bound to fail against an idea. We can only destroy the man, but not his Idea.

Cannot Destroy An Idea

Only the body of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi died on 1948. But the idea, the gandhian philosophy can never be destroyed. Mahatma Gandhi was not responsible to giving freedom from the British Rule

It was people who believed him, they believed in his idea, his goals put forth. The entire nation was responsible for getting independence. Mahatma Gandhi is the embodiment of all the souls/heart that power the nation .

Mahatma : embodiment of souls

Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan was never Modi’s idea. Gandhi said it decades ago : ‘ Sanitation is more important that political independence’

We read news that crores have gone down the drain (in the literal sense) to build the toilets. These are the same people who have access to all the basic amenities, just because fate was smiling on them.

The people who sit high on their perches, who have not struggled to find a clean toilet. The people who travel business class and make mockery of the infrastructure problems. The people who say that the other country is so beautiful, that the government takes cares of its citizens.


Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan, was not a government funded machinery. It was something that we all learnt during school (The fortunate ones who could attend school) that cleanliness is next to godliness.

But something that we conveniently forget everyday The people who spit on the road The people who throw garbage on vacant plots The people who urinate on walls The people who desecrate monuments and public buildings The people who let sewage on the open flood water drains

Now where is the problem. Is the problem with Modi trying to inform to the people, please clean up your mess. How much can just a person do, should he come and pick up the wrapper on the road that you happily threw while you travelled.

Call me a bhakt, call me any name. Call anyone any names.

Bhakt ? A man has no name

All you have to remember is in the end. Its only the greatest men who will be remembered, The person who stood by his ideals, The person who could think for himself

Who Are You ?

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