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  • why

One of the 3 monkey’s of Gandhi, depicts as speak no evil

It also has another significance, do not speak unless required.

For first step : giving up alcohol/intoxication was easy.

Being a teetotaler, i had to reduce/stop the addiction to daily coffee. After two weeks i am able to control my caffeine intake to once every alternate day. Once a week on a sunday, i’ve twice. Its my break day. For next six days its only 3 cups of coffee with milk .

For second step : giving up chicken

Turned out to be difficult initially. Especially the first 3 days, now its 2 weeks exactly since my last chicken meal, As i mentioned in my previos past. My break meal would be after the result of LokSabha election results 2019 and only if Modi returns as a PM with majority. Need to put my focus and effort in solving local problems. Main focus is rejuvenation of water bodies and upkeep of existing ones.

for third step : Vow of silence

I’ve always spoken more than enough, without invitation, not letting the other complete, interrupting other people. I always felt that i need to be more vocal to push my agenda.

Controlling my natural instinct and instant impulse will be my target. Bare minimum for emergency requirement. This is part of my preparation for my travel and stay in Space. Have to start small batches of solitary to get used. Will help me to pass psychological profiles.