• SpaceX
  • Tesla Motors
  • Boring Company
  • OpenAI
  • NeuraLink

Now why would you build these disparate companies ?

It wold make sense, only if the person who does this is

Elon Musk

Elon is building these companies to automate/accelerate to protect the superpower in all of us. Now what’s the superpower he is trying to protect. It will be revealed somewhere in this post. Read on if ur hooked,

Now if you have read his master plan and subsequently his master plan part deux. All his plans point towards human resettlement on non-earth space objects.

For any human settlement outside earth , what would be required . Can you come up with a few ideas?

Now i have come up with some things that i could think of. did u think the same ? Did u come up with other things ?

  1. Protection against radiation exposure.
  2. Protection against sand/dust storms.
  3. Housing settlement i.e. homes, energy generation, laboratories, food produce.
  4. Transportation between settlement.
  5. Extended hibernation for space travel and cold periods.
  6. Override control incase of emergency from remote location.
  7. Surveillance and communication.

Now for a minute think of elon’s companies, do u see what i see.

Imagine that you are elon musk and have billions to solve these problems.

Now what’s the most economical, practical and reusable strategy to solve these issues.

  1. Underground bunkers solve the first and second problems.
  2. Underground rail solves the fourth problem.
  3. An array of low-orbit satellite constellation solves problem number seven.
  4. A brain interface can solve problem six

I could come up with only these, do u have some solution to these problems and the ones that you found (Do send me what u thought).

Back to the original Elon Musk, the connection is very apparent between each company and the solutions for these problems.

  1. Boring Company is the company that is going to build the Underground bunkers and tunnels.
  2. Tesla Motors will provide the locomotives for transport and its energy division is will use its solar and battery storage to generate electricity for life support systems.
  3. SpaceX along with the task of beaming up the passengers on these extra terrestrial lands will also launch the starlink constellation for communications and Surveillance.
  4. NeuraLink will build advanced interfaces for robust robot control with mind , the human consciousness is what is he doing it all.

Perfecting these companies on earth, he is tuning them to survive the hostile environment that we will face once earth becomes unsustainable because of our greed,

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