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How i do Why

The concept behind WHY is inspired by a lot of sources. The prose/conversation style is a mixture of content from TimUrban’s (, mental models from Farnam Street ( .

As for the storytelling (I think i weave some story? Is it any good ?) the way i try to connect the dots , this list is humongous . Check out my fortune here :P . Its way more expensive than Diamonds.

Having started reading from a very young age, Books eventually became my best friends, i interact regularly with the likes of Tolkien, Rowling, Baldacci, Archer (Oh Yeah, we’re on first name terms). Weekdays, Weekends, have flown away the time while reading books of fantasy, suspense thrillers, autobiographies, selfhelp, comics (Especially Tintin) .

If you dont read regulary, then as you are as good as the person who cannot read

What attracted me to books, is that you can delve into the minds of the authors(aka the Magicians of Words, the Master Weavers of Words ) .how they visualize their thoughts. Its a wonderful and beautiful place to get lost(The Bibliophile in you, would certainly agree ) .

Salute to Gutenberg .

If you are 15,25,60 or whatever your age & do not read books, You are missing the greatest adventure of your life (One adventure(Book) will make you poor by 200-300 Rs, But will make you rich by million ). Read my travel blogs, (Next Topic : Why Travel ) will give you a glimpse of what words can do . They are better than ur DSLR Photo ( Some Photoshop is snickering at this statement )

Reading Books , actively improves your imagination . I can lie effortlessly(White Lies Only , Well . The cats out of the bag), because i have been through so many conversations in my mind, i pretty well know what to answer.

My reading genes are inherited from my mother , who is bigger book monster than me (She got it from her dad). The bonding/instant connection you get discussing about your prized possession(Read as favorite books) is scintillating .

The strength of a Man’s character is measured by the book he reads

Education is the greatest leveler, If you want to see yourself accomplish your goals only a sound and practical Education can take you there.

To Parents

Please buy books for your Children, If they are young, read it out to them at night . Trust me, they will remember you(everyday) for giving them superpowers.

Girl Education ? India

India missed the trick to be worlds superpower, It would not have got invaded by any force . Bcoz it denied education to girls, Its depriving 50% of the population , to think for themselves, for dreaming big . Well things have changed now, Girls education is being giving its due respect importance (Most of my friends who are studying .ie Masters,PhD’s are girls. Two of them , actually made me(literally egged me) to study more). Their education should be on par with Boy’s education, one sole reason, We Should not be Prisoners of Birth .

Does writing Pay . Paisa hai kya isme ?

All the posts i write is to fill my inner demon(They aren’t bad).
I do not make any money out of it .

If you would like me to write more frequently, you can help me by donating to VidyaPoshak NGO link . Its an NGO in Dharwad, Karnataka which provides Scholarships to meritorious students from backward(NOPE), Poor(NOPE), its from the communities/people who were denied basic education .

Send me a screenshot of your donation . You also get 50% refund as part of 80C tax savings. Plus the kids whose education you supported, their entire family’s blessing will be for u(Free) . The more the people donate, the more i’ll be inspired to write .

Someone once said , “If you are good at something, Don’t Do it For Free”

Any queries, Comments . SMS/Whatsapp to +91 7795113809

See you soon (Time to feed the demon , he is always hungry for books)