Its 21 years, since i saw the small organism (orangutan :P) getting care from mom when you first came out in the world.

Time zooms past, if we dont pause and look how far we’ve come. Otherwise it seems we dont have anything, when we actually had everything.

All the family trips in car, you were the silent observer. Sulking most of the times for some harmless sentence that would be flying during the discussions.

I remember the crying fairy during your 1st Annual day at Bright English Medium school. All the other little fairies were smiling and laughing. Here you were with tears in your eyes and total pink face.

Everytime accompanying with mom to shop for you would be nightmare. The shopkeeper would show a hundred different items, but as the time would be running and we would be impatient. You would always choose the one in pink.

History will be a witness to other dresses, that still reside in the cupboard. The ones that we sometimes forced for you to take in place of the pink dress. What we learnt was, that once you decide something, you will stick to it no matter who says anything.

You are always the hardworking type, putting in the extra hours, going the extra mile to know all the information accurately. You never took a decision on a whim, each decision would be coldly calculated and doublechecked. In the long run, this helps you to have a solid background, where each decision will have data.

Hopefully you were too young to remember the difficult period that we went through. Adversity when it comes at a young age helps us to become independent very early in life. You are battle tested now, setbacks hurt , but you will overcome them every time.

Last 18 months would the toughest period i know. I had to make up for all the years i missed in between. (fighting my own demons). You would have certainly felt manz times, how heartless can my brother be. He doesn’t appreciate anything that i’ve done till now, he always speaks of some higher ideal.

I will always be your difficult taskmaster, if you can survive and overcome against my onslaught. Then there is nothing in the world that would surprise you. Being the elder one, i have to pass on my knowledge with you. Now if i say, do this when that happens you will not understand. As the saying goes

Tell me, i will forget. Show me, i might remember. Involve me, i will surely understand.

I dont enjoy being the pin prick, but i gotta do what a brother gotta do.

You are independent and can take your own decision. Our wishes and love will always be with you. Because we know that anything you choose, you will choose wisely (Other lecture is always ready :P)

Set high goals, enjoy the journey of each milestone and work diligently to accomplish your dreams.

The world might laugh and call you crazy. But when the end comes, make sure that everyone will pause and marvel at your accomplishments and what you brought into the world.

Make the world a better place.

Your fiercest Critcs, Dad, Mum, Me