The constant - 9 months before birth till stop of breath

Change is inevitable over the years. Time & circumstances bring out the new dimensions in people as they follow their own journey. To any person, the only constant is the Mother.

Over a period of 9 months, the child becomes the most heavily guarded item for the mother. She nurtures the child with her own blood, thinking about the adventures the child will undertake in its life time and she dreams of being there with the child along through its life, to provide all the support she can and as a guide into the unknown world.

The 9 months is a physically torturous period for the mother. No sane human being will undergo that pain and strain for something that fate has its own rules. She doesn’t expect anything for the child, all she wants is to bring a new life into the world through that will make its name for itself.

The 9 month journey is very important for the child. This period determines how the child will come into the world. If the mother is taken care and has good thoughts and dreams for the child, expect a healthy child to be born and the child can turn out well. If the circumstances are not right and the mother is to undergo constant ridicule, abuse from other and she is not well fed, chances are high that the child we be born with health issues. Its important for the mother, to be aware of she does during the 9 months she is carrying the child. The child will have the same imagination, as its a part of the mother. It is a progeny that carries everything from its mother.