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The weather was perfect,  turning out all previous predictions into a toss.

Two days of foggy drizzly rain , Time stopped when we were there and now it’s a distant memory clawing back to rejoice it again,

The plan as it has been till now, was to see the all the places on the first day,  be awake all night and then sleep the next day come what may

First venture, We headed out to dolphins nose, when the rain stopped from a shower to light drizzle The way down was along old tree roots,  small stream and few knocked off stones, Encountered few people who had conflicting reviews about the view below,  as usual they were ignored and we went along,

We came across ‘mountain view’ a small drop across the mountain ,  someone joked tagging the place as mountain view California,  a la Google Had to take quite a few shots for a good profile pic - there’s this craze about changing them atleast once a month,

The setting was panoramic,  the eyes couldn’t take it all at once,  so much to see,  the distant mountains Some brightly lit by the faraway sun,  some being watered by the low clouds and some awashed in glorious green colors. Sometimes u just wonder nature as an artist  will just take your breath away.

Next stop was way down to the Dolphins nose / I’ll call it dolphins edge - it sounds cooler that way, We huddled together for a few clicks on top the Dolphins edge,  few of us dared to go till the edge for solo clicks.  Nearby was the echo point,  few traversed will others returned back,   it was a sheer drop near the echo point,  though I was a bit a far off,  trembling legs made it harder to click some photos of the outer edge.

The way back was lot easier since the energy around filled us to the brim,  BTW it’s mental / psychic energy that got filled ,  whereas all of us very totally starving from the walk around the steps, We munched along whatever was available,  had a good dose of bread  and omelets,

Back to our homestay,  we pitched on the roof watching the city coming to live with its glittering lights after dusk ,  nature started playing tricks again,  the city below looked like tiny little candles floating on water, Giving us company was soul stirring music from Linkin Park playing out portable speaker and later arijit Singh graced the mellows of the heart ♥.

Night occurred soon,  melodrama of food was playing again,  plus the usual mix of vapor filled others minds.  Major benefit of being sober, is that u can observe the small little quirks of people when they are no longer shackled by the ever controlling mind.

Few more quirks got added into the list ,  all in a all,  it was a good day.

The day started late as many overslept till almost noon ,  had to pack our bags and head into the city of kodaikanal,

One thing that was nagging me was a good non veg feast,  thankfully my prayers were heard as we headed out to hilltop cafe for a sumptuous biryani,

Next stop was the lake,  though we’d planned for a much exaggerated cycle  ride along the lake, rain played spoilsport and we had to skip cycling,   eventually rain couldn’t keep us out getting in boat ride,

The water was calm and the scent of rain was mystifying experience,  well sometimes the blare of nearby buses made me lose my head, how I wish I had the power of Bruce banner, That’s all for this trip,  a short take to keep the memories alive.