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Jet Setting Across the Southern Expanse of India, journey of 2000 kms in 5 days of non-stop travel.

  • Chennai - MGR Memorial, Marine Beach
  • Mahabalipuram - 5 Ratha, Shore Temple
  • Pondicherry - Rock Beach, Gandhi Memorial
  • Auroville - Aurobindo Ashram
  • Chidambaram - Nataraj
  • Kumbakonam - Adi Kumbeshwar
  • Thanjavur - Brihadeeshwar
  • Sri Ranga, Trichy - Ranganatha
  • Goravanhalli - Mahalaxmi

  • March 3
    • The journey begins with main destination of Sriharikota for the ISRO launch on 5th March 2020, leaving hubli after a sumptuous Biryani lunch to Bengaluru. Late night entry to Bengaluru to a huge gathering of mom’s family.
  • March 4
    • Enroute to Chennai at 10 am, skipping around the Bengaluru traffic nightmare, the boards change immediately from Kannada to Tamil at Hosur.

    • Midway plan goes for a toss, as the ISRO rocket launch gets rescheduled, with only a hotel room awaiting at Chennai. Google maps becomes the saviour and quickly we plan for the next sojourn to explore the missed cities in our previous outings.

    • A mistimed plan to visit Marina Beach at night, everything is closed with the less fortunate making it their abode at night. Scores of people sleep on the pavements and the beach, calling it their home. We are the fortunate having a roof on our heads, but still sometimes cribbing that everything is lost. An unknown saviour brings us food in the middle of the night, postponing hunger to yet another day.

  • March 5
    • Zipping past the East Coast Road(ECR), the blue sea and myriad sky hug along the horizon following us out of Chennai towards the next destination.

    • Phew, the stone carvings at Mahabalipuram, just blows you away. The 5 rathas sculpture , where temples are carved out of continuous lines of rocks are sight to wonder. Figurines, animals, places are carved with delicate care. One wonders, how patient and skilled these artists were to invest their entire lifetimes on a single masterpiece. Everything beautiful takes time, dont fret, a diamond only emerges after huge force is applied over a long period of time.

    • Shore temple sits almost on the beach, still stands strong after facing the devastating 2006 Tsunami. Its the way the temples were built hundreds of years ago, built to last to eternity. Its just the evil intentions of Man that has brought ruins to some many places around us.

    • An envelope of pure silence welcomes us at the Aurobindo-Mother Memorial at Pondicherry, here silence is the main currency. One finds profound joy, observing the workings in silent contemplation. Aurobindo professed a new way of yoga with silence a major ingredient.

    • A bigger surprise awaits at Auroville, outside the city of Pondicherry. What was once a barren plot of land, a transformation that began in 1969, now is a paradise on earth. Created over an area of 5000 acres, with 3 million trees planted as afforestation. The legacy of mother continues with voluntary contributions

  • March 6
    • Missed the entrance to the Nataraja at Chidambaram, but the temple architecture, shows the dedication of the artists of yore. Skills developed over a period of decades, still stays after multiple centuries.

    • Temple visits continue with a stop at Kumbakonam - Adi Kumbeshwar temple, a long corridor with rock cut foundations and painting’s of the Shiva’s incarnation adore the ceiling of the corridor.

    • Visited the immense Brihadeeshwar temple in Thanjavur, the monolithic Huge Nandi at the entrance and the huge Shiva Lingam in the temple. Its a marvel of architecture, the highest Gopura structure in the world awaits at the temple of Thanjavur.

  • March 7
    • At Sri Ranga in Trichy, visited the Ranganatha Swamy temple, completing the lowest point in South India Trip. Its a huge temple complex, with 4 entrance at the North, South, East and West sides. The huge tower of the Ranganatha swamy acting as a guide to reach the central place. Here the reclining avatar of Vishnu is the main attraction, giving a glimpse of the huge Ananta Padmanabha temple in Trivandrum (awaiting in the next trip)

    Now going back to Hubli, another 800kms of travel remains to complete the final leg of trip.