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Dalhousie Base Camp to Kalatop Camp

An early start on day 3 of the actual trek, we started wading through the snow-covered roads. For many it was first time in the snow,  every bend in the road overlooking the mountain turned up to be a spot for photoshoot. We walked almost 10kms to reach kalatop wildlife reserve.  Midway for lunch we stopped at the foothills of kalatop mountain,  we treated ourselves to packed lunches and the ever present Maggi amid small campfires where few of us  tried in vain to heat our chapati’s. After Lunch hour we traversed through jungle roads towards kalatop wildlife reserve.  Few took short cuts on the way, along the way we could see the sun peeking through the trees.  Kalatop basically is a dense jungle in the dhauladhar mountain range, with sunlight rarely reaching the ground.  Once we reached the top,  we rested at the park clearing out the chinks in our body.  Hot tomato soup was the saviour for the day, warming us up as the temperature dropped sharply with the receding sunlight.

The ancient home conunundrum, though we were notified that the  living quarters would not be up the normal fanfare, we were ensconed in a old building with nothing much to say about repairs. Temperatures dropped even low going to the negative side, it was a sight to behold when we woke ,as we could only the eyes of a friend, to beat the freezing temperature there were layers upon layers on cloth on him. Few of us brought up in the warm climate, would be scoffing at the idea of tissue papers. The early morning ablutions with freezing cold water, stars could be seen in brought day light when cold water touched human body.