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The Wagah Spectacle

Nothing beats the sight than watching the spectacle at the Wagah Border. From the armed forces of the neighbouring countries, a skilled show of one-upmanship is on display with the finest of men roaring alongside the huge throngs of participants/patriots watching them and egging them along with their vociferous chants.

P.S : Due to over-enthusiasm on my behalf to get everyone on time, i ended up outside the gates watching the spectacle on a screen outside. But nevertheless it was a hair raising experience.

GoldenTemple At Dusk

The Golden Temple of Amritsar is the beating heart of the city. All roads lead to the temple, which is built along circles of walls leading to the main religious attraction. Its duly called the Vatican of the east, with cobbled pavements and storefronts built along the wall with all kinds of wares available.

At each intersection of roads, huge statues/monuments of marble greet the visitors. Each of them a sure-shot place for a quick round of pictures.

At the entrance to the Golden temple, one slightly gets scared looking at the temple guards. The warriors protecting the temple from many centuries have such huge glinting swords that any person will first take a step back.

Once entering the inner wall, one is presented with the beautifully lit Golden Temple sitting calmly amidst the moat of water. With a quick dip at the holy water, one slowly moves to open temple. Here devotees of all faith are welcome to seek the blessings.

The temple is also renowned across the world, hosting the biggest langar in the world. A langar is a continuous free meal provided to everyone. All the activities of temple are done voluntarily by the devotees, the proper term being Seva.

Even with a constant stream of devotees, there is a certain calm and fulfilment one observes amidst the holy temple.