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DAY 1 - Entering the National airspace

Liftoff to the skies was an exhilarating experience,  the g-forces mounting up with the plane significantly increasing it’s takeoff speed.

The visual blurr was something to notice,  the behemoth buildings which looked so imposing turned to tinyspecks from the sky.  Everything looked a scale models. The view from the top gives a different perspective to what we may consider important.

Day 1 was whirlwind of activity moving hoping on and hoping off (ho-ho) at many places.

First up, traveling through the maze of Delhi metro we jumped into sight seeing tour.  The metro maze is vast enough is to get lost and also well connected to reach anywhere.

NGMA - want to take out an art lover for a date? look no further than the National Gallery of Modern Art,  connoisseur or not,  any lay man will appreciate the reams of painting and sculpture spread out across the gallery. Few had so much clarity and depth depicted whereas some where so abstract,  it’s impossible to understand what the artist had in mind.

Next up,  the most revered war memorial of independent India,  commemorating the martyrs of the first world war. INDIA gate, we could see few names of the countless people who gave up their life for the future cause of the Nation.  Rajpath was a sea of activity in preparation for the next Republic day celebration.

Alas we did not have passes,  we could only just see the power corridors of the Nation . We were taken around the sights of Delhi in HOHO bus.

Next stop was Qutub Minar.

The crazy part of the day was the train trip to Amritsar. We were travelling in two sets of people, both our trains were delayed by 4-6 hours, with minor skirmishes and exchange of personnel on the midnight train at Nizamuddin, we finally started our journey towards Amritsar.