Kodachadri First Blood

By gaganyatri

New into professional environment after jump from college, Kodachadri was the first trip for our batch, the number of people never reached this high for subsequent trips. Major highlight was the Holy pen,  the bottoms up guy, the cat and the table,  lastly the TV ad in amazing restaurant. The Night of Journey - We huddled into the bus  from office, Being night journey,  the driver after finishing a day job desperately required someone to keep him awake, Few made night rounds to give him company,  I tried to do a bit,  it was very cold,  after making a passing comment of a chicken ( till this day - I’m reminded of Nati koli)  had to get back to my seat, a warm blanket was on offer. First morning blues We reached the homestay early at dawn,  got freshened up a bit,  the setting was a treat to the eyes,  lush green landscape all enclosing us from all around. Another comment that still runs - blood circulation by hair combing joke,  all started at this eventful journey. A small breakfast and packed lunch,  we were setup for the loooong trek of the kodachadri peak . In the initial run up, few of us were greeted by leeches,  making all off us scampering around,  checking our socks for blood thirsty intruders. Next up was the small waterfall, few of us went into the stream for a small shower ,  I still the remember the meditation pose by one of us. It was an arduous journey,  we were quickly running out of water and refreshments and the summit was nowhere in sight. At one stage we were actually climbed more than quarter of a kilometer at s steep angle,  on wrong step and tumbling would definitely follow,  now that I remember tumbling, someone actually got bored of walking down the hill and actually rolled down like a panda ( complimentary gift was a shot of tetanus for the adventure) At halfway through the journey upwards,  we took a break to satisfy our famished stomachs,  lemon rice and pickles never tasted so good before.  A small spring in the mountain replenished our water supply. Still a long way to go ahead,  we ran out of juice,  coming all this way to see the much talked about sunset,  we couldn’t let it pass easily.  Cometh the savior,  we found jeeps that took us near the top camp of the summit. The peak was still a km away, summoning our last reserves we made the uphill climb to be greeted by a wonderous sight. A small shrine was erected at the top for meditation,  the setting was picture perfect for a deep delve into oneself. Burned out as we were and the light fading rapidly. The jeeps came to our rescue again for the return journey, Sleeping quarters was the chilly veranda for the guys and warm indoors for the girls.  Chilling / refrigerator / ice cold out of words for what was waiting in the night,  even after covering ourselves with multiple heavy blankets the cold cut into our bones. A day in the woods, the sea  was waiting for the second day. Malpe beach was the first stop,  after discoverin my floating capabilities we moved to St Mary’s island,  someone had taken a pic at a spot - I had to take the same here, Returning from the island,  multiple events occurred simultaneously.  The folklore of the holypen occurred,  ( can’t share the details here) ,  in another spot an entire bottle of vodka was gulped in a single shot by our in-house heavy liquidator . Legends were identified on this day. The kediyoor restaurant in udupi requires a special mention,  we were treated to amazing fish varieties,  also they had this comical ad,  wherein a chicken was the major interest to the guy, replacing the girl in his day dream ( I’m not objectifying) The story of the cat and the table We stopped to a wayside dhaba for our night course meal . Gracing the tables along with us were furry four legged creatures,  during the meal when one of them got close to the table,  a lightning quick action took place,  usually we sit on chairs for meal,  but at this instance one chair was empty and the table was the chair.  Happening simultaneously was someone getting locked in a room after a first high from liquid nutrients . That’s all from the first trip of our batch, Few small excerpts from a totally joyous two day trip