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This is what I call last minute jumping into the can.

Though earlier agenda was to attend marriage and then jump into trip,  it had sidetracked to other work. Secretly inside my heart,  I really wanted to join,  well I had to put up a front as I’d visited the place ( dont visit same place twice idea)  with family

Fast-forward to marriage lunch, somehow the delicious food kicked in some inner gear and behold the backpack was ready in 5 minutes.

The ride started around 4 PM, around 200 kms to traverse,   4 guys and Goa - what else can anyone ask. The ride was smooth,  especially the roads in goa they especially well maintained,  kept our car mover very happy,  also luckily to our navigator we dint end up missing any routes ( next day was day a misses- more on it later ).

This was the first trip in car with friends , after an accident a few years ago,  I would tremble in the back seat whenever a sharp turn was taken and being pushed to the side in the car,

We made a small stop at a roadside stall,  the fry and eggs kept us fed till the next morning dinner,

It was a lucky break,  that I spotted a book store while we were getting directions for our stay.  next day 20 books where added to the book collection, It was late when we reached our rooms,  but woah these rooms were meant for couples.  Had a big laugh after watching the towels arranged in a heart ♥ shape.

According to the trip planner. The stay was supposed to be 5 minutes away from the beach.  We started towards the beach around midnight,  10 minutes,  15 minutes the beach was nowhere in sight,  we had to pass private houses,  keep away from noisy dogs ( none followed us as they were tied to nearby poles) , and in the dark with the just the occasional shine of the moon  on our backs we reached the beach.

Pitch black,  there wasn’t a small light bulb  for miles around where we landed on the beach,  turns out it was a private beach and used only by local fish catching folk.

Highlight of the story is in the next hour at the beach,  I had read about interrogation techniques,  this was altogether different for me, It was like the question for’ answer 42 ‘ Why don’t I drink?? Questions revolved around it for nearly an hour,  my interrogator wasn’t convinced by many answers, Friendship was put into stake,  well it was in an inebriated state,  so it can be ignored as silly,

Thankfully my interrogation was done,  actually it moved to another victim.

The waves   were calling into its bosom,  flapping silently against the feet on the sand. There is something with the waves at the beach,  it’s hypnotic making us one with the sea, losing our identify and merging with the one big form, well it felt like A drop in the ocean.

When in goa,  you take a bike  and ride along the picturesque towns,  ull find more liquor shops than a kirana store compared to anywhere in the country.

We were 4 but we took 3 bikes,  actually it was supposed to be 2 bikes,  but on my insistence of riding solo it came to be 3. I did get lost though, it was not exactly fun getting back to friends.

Beach 1 was great,  got tanned under the sun,  plus the food at the beach Shack along with the liquid supplements kept us stuck to the spot for more than 2 hours, We were greeted to an unusual pleasing sight,  but swiftly it was covered by a disaster and we had to vacate our location