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  • travels

It’s the first planned outing with my newly joined team, it’s been 6 months since interactions with teammates,  time for change of colors from Blue - white cubicle to green expanse of Western ghats.

Bus started around midnight,  picking the weary eyed travellers along the way,  the group was split, as few travelling back the next day. Ghost  stories were being shared,  some were scary others pure figment of imagination,  especially the story of the early morning jog.

Destination ghatikallu - nestled in the bosom of Western ghats,  the homestay was accessible by narrow lanes,  much to the anguish of the driver who was skeptical of the path ahead,  we got down midway as the bus wouldn’t be taken any further.

First up,  was a short trek. Heavy fog was draped on us, putting the visibility to just a few meters ahead of us.  Rain started splattering and along with the heavy cross winds we had to cut short the trek.  few glimpses in between the fog,  showed the beautiful Valley and it’s surrounding peaks.

We traveled on open top jeeps, with the rain pouring at us sporadically,  also we saw a 17th century old temple,  which is still maintained by the local priests.

Next was the highlight of the trip, The team has the custom that every new joinee has to entertain others. A campfire was setup,  with music being played in the background,  we witnessed some pretty slick moves and totally out of the world moves too. Best part was that all joined in,  it was a small carnival in itself.

As the lights faded, someone had the great idea of getting UNO cards, on and on we played well into late-night. Bluffs and counter bluffs were the order of the day, pretty sight to see someone receiving huge cards cause of their bluffs.

Next morning half was planned for few activities,  but being a resting trip,  we skipped them all. On the way, we went to annapurneshwari temple,   there was a good sunshine heating the roads and blocks,  we had to scamper back to the bus,  though a small shower gave a respite to the heat.

That’s the end to this story, small excerpts from an good journey