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Office work was killing us literally, we were tired of daily mundane tasks coming our way and seriously required an outlet. A weekend trip was in the horizon, with the number of people dropping their plans suddenly , the transport changed from a mini-bus to 8seater car to finally, private bus with 5 of us eventually joining. Place agreed upon was Coorg

The inital idea was to go for the much heard about Tadiyandamol trek, the plan fell into a heap as the bus overshot the stop while we were sleeping in the bus. We ended up getting down in the city bus, with no accomodation reserved we were at the mercy of any place which had vacancies.

The Rickshaw comment -

We found a chatterbox in the AutoRickshaw driver, he promised us to help find good accomodation. First up was a house in the city, it was immediately turned down by the inhabitants descending from venus. That was a good decision as wer found a very good home stay in the Outskirts of the city . The auto driver commented that these days venusians decide a lot whereas the martians just listen.


The home stay was still being developed and had us as the only occupants. The houses were built on the slope, with the effect of a drop on leaning from the attached balconies. It was built in private property having an old abandoned house in its acreage. The place was so good, we ended up staying the entire second day in its cozy comforts without venturing out till the time for our departure.

The water problem/The Liquid mixup

We have heard stories where hotels wouldn't have hot water for shower, a twist was waiting ,as the homestay had super hot water only and no cold water.  During this time the popping sound of a bottle being opened was overheard, someone was trying to be funny by mixing things. After coming out, the cold-drink was thrust open to be had, They had mixed something in it definetly.

BabyElephants at Dubare

One of the tourist attractions in Coorg is the Dubare Elephant Park, the place can be accessed by passing through a small stream, if the water level is high, then a ferry takes us across, else it can be covered by Foot. Along with the usual elephants on display we also witnessed some baby elephants (read humans) who could give the elephants a run for their money.

The GhostStory conundrum

Our in house story teller, told some spooky stories , I was already getting goosebumps while listening. As the place was far way from local life, it became very dark at night , with the only light coming from a the lamp at the very end. We decided to split up and bunk up for the night, others wanted to stay out a little while more. Entering the room alone was out of the question, with the stories still circling on top my mind.

The Dogs at Night

The curd rice eater always orders and never finishes it completely, Veg items were not finished and plenty was going for waste (Non-veg items are never left alone ), The caretaker hadn't cleared the dishes and during the night there was the noise of dishes falling on the ground . The room was covered one side by a full  ceiling to bottom glass door , what we witnessed was some nearby dogs were having a feast on the diner table .

The Call Prank

During the usual liquid session,  the bottlescap capacitor( read as- only one bottle cap capacity) person wanted to speak to the manager, How we wish the call had gone through, bad network saved her day while we missed a fiasco .

Awful Return Bus

While initially boarding from blore we saw a bus, which we definetly wanted to miss, alas bad luck , as the same bus was waiting for out return journey. LegRoom was definetly an unheard term for the bus seat designers as they had literally patched 40 seats into a 30 seat bus. There were a few people who were really high with the smell coming to us from far way, after manovering around these people, we continued out journey, reaching early morning back to the old dreary place