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Cologne Carnival’s Pandora Box

You must have seen/heard the german way of daily life, they are strict taskmasters with a no nonsense attitude. They follow and maintain rules to the T, well you wont believe until you see it first hand with your own eyes, the lighter and funnier side of German Culture.

Cologne was getting decked up for the Carnival on Sunday 11 Nov, when i was strolling through the city on 9th. We set out early at 8.30 to catch the carnival taking the direct train to Cologne. If you have a faint heart, i’m pretty sure you would have got a mild shock of surprise by looking at the inhabitants of the train. Here were specimens straight outta cartoons, movies, tv series, animes, the entire train was brimming with lively, colorful, amazingly well set costumes by people of all ages. By that i mean, there were 10 years old to neary 60+ (they looked far younger than that).

The crowd was boisterous, belting out popular and folk songs one after the other non stop, while simultaneously gulping kegs of beer. The carnival is just another reason to have beer. (Exact words spoken by a fellow carnival(ite?) . Our wagon had enough myraid characters to count with 5 pair of hands and at every stop there were more and more people joining the carnival caravan. It was something similar to the recent movie “Wreck-It Ralph” where all the characters get together for a franchise, throw in Marvel, DC and every other comic multiverse. Here was an actual physical rendition of the movie, with actual costumes(no bad CGI:P). The effort put in by the the natives was phenomenal, our group dressed casually, was the odd group during the entire day, everyone else had put on a different kind of mask. Everyone just wanted to enjoy the sunday with their dear ones, with hands held high, feet tapping and head banging to the music blasting out of every speaker. Mind you, its actually pin drop silence during the normal days.

Among all the cosplay character, personal favorite was Capt. Jack Sparrow, this guy had such a similar resemblance to the one played in the movies, all the artifacts in place, the best part was the wicked smile which just made the part authentic. Also in attendance were the Avengers, Justic League, Mario Brothers, Anonymous Squad. … the list is endless. (I did miss Black Widow :P, )

All in all it was a fun day in cologne, withnessing the lighter and funnier side of the german culture. As someone said “Surprise Me !!”

PS: The next carnival is in 4 months, guess who will be the Batman :P :P .

Next ? : Surprise me !!!