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A long overdue trip with our small group in the team. A day trip during the weekend was on the card .

We decided to go to chikkatirupathi, located around 50 km from Bengaluru .

7 of us decided to embark on the short journey, 2 bikes and a car was the choice of transit, we started the trip around 7am in the morning , The empty roads in the weekend was a solace from the heavy jam during the week.

We stopped at Adiga’s in whitefield for a quick snack, but we ended up munching up the delicacies on offer. Next stop chikkaTirupathi, we reached before Noon stopping in between for few quick pics. The place was quiet , with a few inscriptions describing the history of the place. The inner sanctum was closed for a puja,  the doors opened up after around 15 mins . After offering our prayers we sat down outside .

Next stop was open ground surrounded with lush trees around, music was blaring nearby with a local kabaddi competition being held by the locals. The stop witnessed some funny moments, with the latest buzz of Dubsmash craze put into full use.

Next up was a small temple, where the incarnation of Vishnu was depicted beautifully on the inner walls, one sight that moved us was an old women, who informed us that she has stayed with the deity providing her prayers for more than 30 years .

Last up, MTR hotel on white field, where we had delicious full meals, bisibele bath was the talk of the town