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Time for another trip - feb 2016, we were raring to go to Kerala after hearing wonderous tales of the place. It was about time we experience it ourselves. The settings was Theyyam festival celebration at our Friends home. Quite the trip, too many memories in two days flat.

Train liquid mix fiasco

As intoxication is prohibited during travel, the strategically chosen bartender(sitting at the window) decided to enrich the tropicana with additional affluents, well from an angle it looked like something else was getting mixed by way of movements

Amazingly developed plantation

After bunking down at the resort beside Bekal fort , we decided to got out for a little sight seeing, by the advice of the in-resort guide,  the place was a plantation nearby being developed as HomeStay/adventure resort.

The plantation owned by the local family and being developed by City returned graduate/owner was a visual treat. The local wonders being developed need to be specifically highlighted

  • Fish Pedicure - In a carefully maintained pool with flowing water, we treated to fish pedicure by the aquatic species.
  • Water Collection/Carved hills- We were introduced to water collection by carving small caves through hills, water would seep down through narrow passages. This is alternative to  borewells. The activity would take nearly 3-4 months as it involves manual activity.
  • Waterfalls - The plantation had its very own waterfall, though the drop wasnt high, the ice cold seeped to our bones making us feel super cold. While playing in the water fall, we were treated to Coconut water grown in the plantation.
  • Assorted greenery - The plantation started high up the hills and ended down at the backwaters. All through the path, medicinal plants, fruits and even a tattoo plant(the leaves left a white imprint on our hands , the bigger the leaf the better the leafy pattern). We helped ourselves to some fruits provided by the caretaker.

Camp Fire /Hazy Memory

Some pretty slick moves were seen at the campfire after the heavy dinner. Everyone was mandated to bring one dance move . Gonna pretend that memory was hazy, only the moon walk and the trademark headBang aka whirlwind aka RubbaKallu (mixer grinder) was seen. Due to camera defect, a dance dedication to one of our friend, couldnt be captured . They all blamed the videographer, culprit was the oldphone.
Night attended after the dominoes started falling.

Bekal Fort/Beach
Day two started with visit to Bekal Fort , Its a well maintained fort offering a good view of the Sea below, though access to inner ramparts is the prohibited. Strolling along the top level was allowed, next we stopped at the beach , it was noon and we were already hungry, with no proper variety of food available we had to satify grumbling stomachs with a scoop of ice cream.

Theyyam festival celebration
The local version of Bhootaradhane, wherein a spirit comes over a devotee to answer the questions. What followed was a visual masterpiece as the beatifully decorated person enacted few scenes from mythology. As a tradition, two fowls had to sacrified at the altar, at this moment some of my friends disappeared as they could not take in the slaughter of the fowls. The food at the feast was delicious satiating our grumbling stomachs. After meeting all the relatives and cooling down at friends home we decided to head back home.

Last stop- Shop Kerala's Cotton Silk Saree
Few of us, bought the famous Kerala White Silk Sarees as gifts to our families and therein ends our journey of God's Own country