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German Diaries

The Pursuit of Dreams

The steelbirds are taxing, blinkin away the night sky to a new dawn, i get to ride an apparatus of complete maic. Made up of bits of pieces held by nothin but bolts( All the prayers of the engineers and definitely the fliers who held their breath when it takes them to the heaves (:P skies)


The last few months have been a tumultous ride, nothin less than a perilious roller coaster without any railings for support. . So many places things could have gone wrong, Somehow fate(lady luck?) started to smile its mercy when all hopes were fast fading into oblivion , most things had touched nadir.

Dumb luck was ever present, it was like take the most stupidest challenge, it would somehow workout finally. The night sky is shredding its darkness to the hope and glow of a new day, a day for dreams and aspirations. Seems appropriate travellin on a Dreamliner(787) in pursuit of my dreams.

Beethoven Beckons

The maestro, virtuoso, Beethoven is the master of all things music. His compositions are a treat to the years. Beethoven was born at the city of Bonn (Oh yeah, this will be my base of operations for the next 2 years)

One small step

Today i jump into the unknown, there are a thousand ways for things to go wrong, but this time i am adamant enough to find a million ways to utilize the next two years for complete development. All thanks to the grace to NRW(North Rhine Westphalia) state that offers subsidised study and travel for students. Trust me :P, i will cover each and every attraction and presumably find a few gems along the way.

Where am i, Now?

Borders are all lies, at 30000ft and crusing at 800km/h in the clouds, the borders for which we fight, for which we have shed blood are no longer visible. We are being played by the unseen demon to fight each other, travel once in the skies, everything will disappear.

At 1.30 we departed from home, India will be missed , 30 mins later amritsar moved below passing over to pakistan. Next up, The snow covered Ural mountains were just like a mosaic painting by the master painter, a luxury to the eyes. Every 100kms, i could see something new , be it a huge expanse of water, snow covered mountains on sun shadow side, greenery so was that it would fill the entire horizon. This is a huge change in surrounding for me, this euro trip already looks promising.

Time is 5.45 and we’ve already covered half of the mileage of 6000km in this piece of engineering marvel, the Boeing Dreamliner 787-800. Earlier two flight trips were on a short haul Airbus planes, this trip was a significant upgrade in terms of miles getting covered. The best part of the flight is the real time map integrated into the Entertainment console, press a button while watching a movie and voila ,a small map pops out like a genie in the button. This would be the early cartographers living dream, oberserving real time map in search of their destination.

I’m loving this part, it shows that were at 40000ft/12km altitude, the speed being blistering fast at 880km/h(545 mph), it also shows where the aircraft is currently located on the map. I felt sorry for the ones who were sleeping on the flight, see through the window you will be amazed at sights (Thank you, Airhostess for allowing to a vacant Window seat , half screen was the world other half was the majestic wings). This paragraph would not have been possible, if i wasn’t willing to ask (Moral : If you want something (Good stuff only), just ask nicely, you might as well get it for free). As i am writing this, the bird is flying somewhere on the large expanse on Russia.

Free tip

If you are reading this, my suggestion is just drop whatever work you have and plan a trip at least 15 days over Continental Europe. ( Forget the savings for constructing a house and settling down, if you could see what i am seeing through this 1by2 feet window into the world, your life would take a new meaning and you would fly like a bird with freedom


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