• thoughts


  • thoughts
  • Provide meaning to everyday

  • Make TODO list and stick to the plan

  • Take small items to finish, build up on daily victories

  • Say no to distractions, conjure up a goal to go forward

  • Manage attention and focus, by repeating a small mantra/stanza/lines to get back to thinking

  • Put useful actions first, do not take up trivial jobs

  • Not down all your thoughts, if thoughts repeat, then slowly eradicate them as it is not new.

  • Talk to someone about problems, someone in family, friends or a counsellor if there is hesitancy to talk about problems.

  • Remember , everything is temporary. Good times will return, bad times will pass.

  • Get treatment for Depression, there is still life to win and live, incase of all difficulties

  • Even if everything is over, even if society’s standards set you as a failure. Its only the illusion of the current time.

  • For better or worse, its pretty much cannot be horrible than current situation. Take another chance on life, no matter all your mistakes. If you can build yourself slowly, take it one day at a time to improve from yesterday.

  • Within a week, month, life’s current expectations/reality would surely improved ten fold.

  • Do not worry, what others have to say. Just try not to repeat past mistakes.

  • Start participating in online competitions, build up one’s repertoire again.