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Depression, a taboo topic affecting many of us, needs to be addressed openly by understanding it, its causes, symptoms, overcoming it and helping out others compassionately.

What is Depression ?

Physical injuries can be healed with medicines at the counter or treated by a doctor. It is external in nature which can be observed by others and its understood that the person is in pain and in need of help.

Depression is a mental health issue which usually onsets on a loss. Be it personal relationships, failures in work, exams or losing beloved ones, when our realities fail to match with our expectations.


In our current age, where our (dis)connected lives due to extreme social media interactions/activities, where only the best moments are highlighted, it inadvertently causes a feeling of missing on certain things.

We need to understand that Life is a zero-sum game, Some will win and some shall lose. Our desperation of losing out on prized possession, we step into a self-created spiral of doubt, denial and low esteem.

Life is also a long marathon, with multiple stages where each of us gets a new opportunity to get back on our path of creation, no matter the previous drawbacks.

Self Example

Would be my own journey, after leaving a high-paying job in search of promised opportunities leading to change of cities. When the opportunity did not pan and meet my expectations. It was a difficult stage where demons seemed to pop out of everywhere causing untold miseries. The simulations running in the mind of what could have been was a daily torture.

Overcoming It

Thankfully the stage passed out & i could go back to where i left earlier, albeit maybe i was a little left behind without the detour. Now i am able to confidently face anything come what may, because i have passed through a very difficult phase and i know that even this will pass. Everything is temporary, learning to let go is a lesson to be learnt by all .

Having a good support system of family and friends is extremely important, but opening about our issues and talking about our fears and failures is the way i see to beat Depression. We need to slowly and surely get work some done to loosen our self imposed grip.

There could be instances of ridicule by talking to a wrong person who might not seem to understand and maybe just brush it off, it is very important to talk to someone and lessen the weight on ourselves.


  • We feel that there is no future due to one loss/failure.
  • We feel that nothing is going to work.
  • We just wish that the day would end sooner, extending our sleep to ungodly hours.
  • We miss out on events, saying to ourselves how i can attend the occasion, when life has gone upside down.

We pay a big price on our health by a negative feedback in our society. Where failure is ridiculed and made fun of and the people are treated as outcasts, leading to distancing ourselves to others.

Life is continuous experience of Ups and Downs, As a society and individuals we need to use positive feedback to let people grow in different ways.

Some paths may be longer, Some journeys may be dangerous, Not all of us have a common destination, Though at times we seem to have started at the same point.

Helping others

We need to acknowledge the risks taken by ourselves and others and lend an ear to someone who would want to speak about their trials.

What may seem today as a failure, might actually be a lesson that will lead us to greater victories in the next phases of life.

History, myths, stories have shown us that heroes/heroines became what they eventually achieved based on their difficult periods. If they had not overcome their trials, we would have not heard about them after centuries.

to be contd.. in another post on how we can help others.