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In these 4 tasks, 1 and 4 is difficult to achieve individually. these can be accomplished by corporation

Health & Fitness

  • Physical Fitness

I have been cycling atleast 100km per week, walking around 10 km (This is very very less) 100% probability of being an astronaut is being a fighter pilot

Now, fighter pilot is the elite human kind. These class of human, can be called super-humans. Time-tested individuals, put through the toughest physical drills, clearing the exams at the top of their class. Now, i am 27 years old, over-weight (a slight belly-occupational hazard)

Now that i started compare statistically, it takes a lot of time to fix oneself.

Flying at Mach 3+ speeds, time goes like , very very fast. The calculations, calibrations cant be instantaneous, can’t be a reaction to stimuli. Everything is planned in advance, training in simulators for every kind of scenario that can be encountered in the wild. These are the ultimate predators flying their machines forged by gods.

Mental training is paramount, what best to learn than from the timeless movies , Top Gun, Aviator, Pearl Harbour

Reading the biographies of the great women and men who walked the earth less and were more birds than humans. The likes of whom are

Their lives are wonderful example of human endeavour and resilience