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With both of us accustomed to 9-6pm office schedule, staying around a few miles radius. Finding time to speak to each others voice, was a daily competition. Both would look up to the best made up stories to call each other.

The day would start with a sweet morning message, not a day existed where greeting and messaging her was not the first task for the day.

That was a good feeling spreading happiness, seeing her message in the morning. The messages had become a strong addiction without which the day wouldn’t start properly.

After lunch, the walks now also included walkie-talkie feature, catching up on the phone, listening to her voice was the antidote to the long hours of the day.

From asking her about the menu for her lunch, to admonishing her for reluctantly joining her colleagues to the smoking zone to become part of the team. We both were teetotaller’s, smoke and alcohol even for social purpose was something we both shunned, making it a common habit to continue.

The lunch gang would split at the office gate, the smile’s accompanying the light banter trying to find the identity of the caller on the other side.