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There was an unwritten rule between them,

Sharing expensive or any kind of gifts was a strict no-no. Material possessions never mattered as long as they provided companionship to one another,

One exception to the cause was the Red Roses.

The thought/idea of showering flowers to win over a girl was actually given by her, co-incidentally this was the very idea which always brought the best smile in her.

One habit that he followed religiously was to give her 3 cut Red Roses every time they met.

When they were friends initially it was innocent white roses to symbolize the ever blossoming friendship.

He did this to capture in his heart and witness watching the shiny glitter in her eyes,

the sweet blushing smile on seeing the Roses come out of thin air when they used to meet .

She loved Red Roses absolutely, caring and nurturing for them till the next set of flowers arrived every week

For him the only worry/amusement was the old proprietor of the Flower shop,

always asking him ,

whom do you diligently take these flowers every week.

He never gave an answer but always smiled at the question and the lady got her answers.