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It had been three months of moving out to different city. He had started his training for his job and she was planning to come to the city for her entrance exam to the conglomerate.

Her exam was on the Sunday, We decided weeks ago to meet the day before. She would then spin a tale to her relative to give me an old phone for our secret rendezvous .

To add twist to the tale, there was housewarming ceremony of close friend in the noon. The places were miles apart from each other almost forming a isosceles triangle with his home, friend’s function and rendezvous the corners.

After getting ready in his finest available attire, first leg of the journey went smooth as silk, eating the delicious lunch and meeting friends again on the weekend. Once the clock hit 4, the phone alerted that were was rainfall in his path to the rendezvous.

There was no chance, come rain or storm to stop him from reaching the rendezvous at 6. Setting out for the longest ride, he had to control his excitement to see the pretty smile after a long time. As luck would have it, it rained cats and dogs all the way.

His clothes were drenched, cold has seeped inside, for anybody else it would have been difficult to stand without shaking of cold.