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His college cultural fest was fast approaching. This was the time, when most guys would try to impress their crush with their talents.

He secretly started preparations to get a chance of duet with his crush. Unknowing to him, his crush had already made her own plans to perform with her gang.

He dropped a message to Her to help him with his crush problem. This is when she told him to give a girl flowers. When a Girl gets her favourite flower from anyone, she would find a sweet spot soon. After much searching, his options moved from red roses(creepy) to white roses(not making the point) to finally purple orchid(crush’s favourite). The colour also matched her Japanese scooter. Little did he know, he would use the same trick on his phone friend later.

Bringing the flowers from the shop was a game in itself, he did not know how the orchids looked, observing his confused look the lady owner asked him “Whom are you getting the flowers for ?”. He sheepishly told that he wanted Orchids for a friend.

Why is he asking me about flowers now. I do like red flowers, he might have seen me happily taking the flowers the day we first saw each other. Anyways let me help him now, surely get the roses would surely make me happy.

Seems like his crush loves orchids, he got those flowers for her. But it did not look like he was glad by the response from his message. At least he got a hint from me that i too like flowers.

Well well, the plan with orchids fell into the well. They had already made plans for an act with friends, now i at least know the flower shop to buy flowers later. Next time, she meets meet i shall definitely get her roses, yellow ones for our friendship.