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In the middle of our msg’s about our upcoming campus interviews and getting into a Job, she says “I need to tell you about Mom’s promise”. No matter what happens to our friendship in the future, i will never break my Mom’s promise.

Like Bheeshma’s oath of celibacy to his mother, my mom’s only ask was to be married to a boy of their choice, they had never asked me anything of me before nor stopped me from pursuing my dreams. She did not want society to cast a shadow on her upbringing and make her head held low. I couldn’t say no to my mom’s only request, i agreed to honour my vow come what may.

I started to really like him, but after sometime i do not want to become a villain in his life. I’ve seen enough movies and heard enough stories of lives getting destroyed for the reason of a broken heart. Rather trim the shoot now than cut down a tree later and destroy the birds in it.

After many days of wait, i finally broke out my vow to him, he took it matter of fact and respected my decision. I was glad that i had forewarned earlier. There was now a hidden dagger that anyday could cut both ways, he did not ask me more and i forgot all about it now that my conscience was clear.