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Days passed with the rush of mid-term exams with a sprinkling of messages exchanged between him, there seemed to be an unlimited supply of words with him. He seemed to keep things close to his heart, constant poking required to spill anything that he dint want to talk about.

News reached that there was college fest in his college, should i ask him what events to participate or would he invite me himself to meet properly. The birds must have sung my message to him somehow, within a day , there was his message offering chauffer service’s to the events in his college. Though i did want to go all 3 days and spend more time, better would be 1 day, here i was preparing a report for a competition in his college fest. I chose the one, where he wasn’t involved directly.

Phew, she replied that day itself. What was the deal with so many !!!! exclamation symbols in the first message. Thoughts started swirling in his head, was she as glad as him. I kept looking around for her in the last day in the huge auditorium, like a mirage most faces started to look like her, though i did really feel a tug that she was looking at me when i was leaving the college with friends. funny round events these last few days, time seemed to have flown faster but definitely etched in memory forever.

Sitting in my class, listening to the lectures trying to be awake, poems started to start save me from dozing over and getting scolded from the master fury. Poems about the class crush was the mood of the day, though she was also a friend, the poems started to affect not the crush, but to the others who also had a crush on her.

Guess who started to be the first one to read my draft poems, it was the girl on the other side of the lake. We would discuss about our projects and sources for our upcoming big project, here i was trying to pry away as much information about her. With our own college fest coming the next month, here was my opportunity to meet her properly again. This time as friends and not like student-invigilator that we both encountered the first time. I offered my services as a guide around our college and the events, she finally agreed to participate in a project essay competition. Luckily i knew the organiser, i could get into her event without being too obvious.

The day of her event soon enough, my bad luck getting stuck in my own competition i couldn’t meet her until the end of her competition. Up close her eyes were striking, it looked full of love and care. Now in the familiar college restaurant, talking to her was getting difficult, with the usual rowdy friends cat calling .

Her laugh was something new i observed, her head tilts back and cover her mouth with her hand. It was a full laugh, not holding anything back. He thought once, is this the laugh he would be sharing forever or would this be another leaf to flip.

Now that he had a new friend in town, he couldn’t help being a showboat, getting her introduced to his crush. She became one of the few persons to ever know her actual name, this was a secret he would want to hold forever. That day was sort of important in their lives as the story would revolve on a few characters. The entire cast was now aware of each other.

There was no school that day, he decided to visit some new place’s on the other side of the lake. Trying his luck, he ask her would she help to show the places, he got a flat out no initially. His plan of 4 hours was looking dry, still crawling slowly through the places to keep his promise of seeing new places.

He posted few photos on network, knowing that there will one pair of looking eyes, he had to show that he would live up to his words to her and wouldn’t back off easily at small obstructions. Nearing his end of self imposed solo walk among the monuments. His phone chimed with a message, if this was another flyer to buy sunglasses for free he would spam the hell out of them tonight.

The message was an address to an ice cream parlour, he had seen sometimes on his alternate way to college. Both of us reached at the approximated time, she was ready even before he had started his small journey. Waiting to spring a small surprise if he followed his message. 30 mins would be enough for him to reach the ice cream parlour, he would definitely abandon all plans and reach on time. She smiled to herself when they both reached at the same time.

Thank god, they went to ice cream centre and not a lounge bar, the names on those would have blushed them both. There were more NO’s going through the menu. The proprietor suggested the special of the day, looking at our indecision, a three layered ice cream scoop with dry fruits and small pieces of Banana was presented.

If there were other patrons in the parlour, they would make faces, looking at two spoons making noise like swords in a fight. Why do i have to give the cherry on top, let me see if he will fight for me for it or let me win it in the first unofficial impromptu date. The owner went back to read his paper, this scene was like the audition of plays ,the same scripts but different actors each time. With the bill, we decided to go dutch and share the price no need to create another act , as she had to reach home in time for her online classes. I had to let her go soon enough, there were students waiting for her. How does she do all that ? he wondered, what makes her take these classes.