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Now in the Last day of the college fest, his morale was precariously low, not having another encounter with her. End of the day, was the cultural event, he had to pull a trick to get another audience with her.

Scrolling through his inbox, looking for a quote/msg to fire the first salvo at her, he skipped several cheesy messages which would have shown desperation. One msg stood out, something about facing life with open arms.

The clock had stuck one past noon, he sent the text hoping it hit the mark or atleast make a dent.

On the other side, the coffee was freshly brewed at the bedside table. With her secret stalking account, she was trying to find about the checkered shirt guy she had seen few time in the last two days moving in and out of competitions in her college. He seemed ok, without too much glitter and showing off, he seemed to posting about books and underwater robots. She confirmed that he wasn’t from her college, but from the neighboring city. Why did it seem far but yet nearby, the initial test was passed.

She had slipped unnoticed into the Project presentation competition, sitting at the far corner incase any help was needed by her friend. There he was, a calm presence in the sea of chaos around him. Silently smiling to himself and scribbling into his diary, what could he have been writing in the middle of the competition. While everyone’s head was stuck into their smartphones, he seemed to be setting himself up for the next presentation.

What was his name ? Wasn’t he the same guy who smiled when we was caught looking towards her in the quiz competition yesterday. Something starting with S, funny that her name also started with S. Gotcha, she found the name in her participant list from yesterday, simply she saved the his number as Smiley to separate from the too many unknown messages from the competition.

Sitting in the auditorium, her phone seemed to buzz in the middle of a engulfing dance routine, the phone could wait for another hour. Surprise, surprise, here was a msg about Smiley, ‘Let go and fly with the birds, take the jump and swim with the dolphins, Walk around and let the trees sing for you. Embrace life with arms wide open, who knows what might join you’. Ahh, not a bad message if it was a forward, but definitely good enough if this was something he might have written.

Now that the message was received, she wondered aloud, should i take time to respond back or get it done with. Previous day observation seemed that he could wait, but why take a chance now. She just sent ‘ Is that you !!!! the one with the light pink checkered shirt’. The day was definitely getting better, She tried to find him looking around the room, but alas, all she was him leaving with his friends at the end of the show.